How Melatonin Helped Me Recover And Heal Through The Night

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How Melatonin Helped Me Recover And Heal Through The Night

What is written below is my experience. This is not medical or lifestyle advice for you.


It’s been eight times over the last one year that I have used 3mg of melatonin and valerian root to induce deeper sleep. I have no problem with sleep. In fact, I consider myself blessed to be able to sleep deep on most nights and wake up rested except when jet lagged.


My constant and deep study into melatonin has revealed so much that science has documented positively yet we fail to use it. From melatonin being documented as an anti-cancer vaccine, to its ability to train the immune system, balance hormones, create deep rest, work with organs in the human body, we have been using melatonin to help wean people of their pharma sleep medications (if we can, and if the doctor permits). Melatonin in its scientific studies has been documented to be non-habit forming and can be used for weeks at a time daily but under supervision. We have successfully weaned off patients from their medicines using melatonin as a temporary crutch, lifestyle and food, along with pranayama and yoga.


Whenever I feel the onset of a cold, flu, fever or I feel like I’m getting sick besides making the required lifestyle changes, I usually take a melatonin that night because it is my belief that a deeper sleep will train my immune function and do the magic it has been documented to do, and all times it has worked. I haven woken up feeling completely okay the next morning. Is it magic? No. Is it a replacement for your doctor’s visits or prescriptions? No. I’m just telling you what has worked for me and hundreds more of my clients who try this.


We are of the belief that deep sleep heals, and medical science also shows that along with how the immune system gets smarter and stronger with deep sleep. S, how some may pop vitamin C, Zinc, etc. when feeling low, I take melatonin to harness the intelligence of my own body’s healing ability.


When I had a serious stomach bug, of course melatonin didn’t help and I graciously took with faith the antibiotic that my doctor suggested I take before the bacteria within me created more damage. I took the antibiotic with my probiotics and B-complex and healed. The point is to make an informed decision. This works for me and many others, but may not work for everyone.


Everyone is different, and has a unique body make up. It’s magic, but the power in its mechanism is simple and scientifically connected to work that way, and I hope that it may work for you too should you ever try it with your doctor in the loop.  In fact, many oncologists and doctors today prescribe melatonin to their patients so they sleep better as healing occurs in deep sleep, and melatonin has therapeutic benefits. The first choice would be you naturally producing sufficient amounts of it, the second is using it as a supplement when needed and prescribed .


Never abuse or misuse what you need or is good for you. It can otherwise become your enemy.

  • Luke Coutinho


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Our programs in no way guarantee you a cure or miraculous healing. We will never sell you anything in that light. We believe in a structured approach, knowledge, research, wisdom, and years of experience coming together to assess you and your condition as a unique one and plan your protocol along those lines.

We are not a replacement for your medical team and will never suggest otherwise unless we feel that your current medical approach is ineffective and dangerous to you.

We put care, love, respect, and understanding in our approach and design healthcare around the person first and then the disease. It is our commitment to simplifying health and lifestyle. We want to make wellness more enjoyable and wonderful, instead of horrible.

We commit our best to everyone who comes to us and while we can't always promise the result, we always promise to be there for you and give it our all to you, your family, loved ones. Our only hope is for you to get better and live a happier and healthier life.

A cure is not possible for many illnesses, but we firmly believe that there is always room for healing. Healing can be experienced as acceptance of illness and peace with one's life. This healing, we believe, is at its core - spiritual. Healing can comprise acceptance, letting go, the forgiveness of oneself or others, seeing with a different perspective, hope, faith, belief, prayer, and so much more. Healing is never someone making a promise to you that you will get better by selling you a special medicine, supplement, chant, prayer, magic stones, magic oils, and so on. Healing and recovery are different. In our experience, we see dying patients who start to heal, and sometimes as they heal the past and present, their condition can improve, sometimes, nothing happens, but the patient gets emotionally happier and stronger as they heal at all levels even if the disease cannot be cured.

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