The Story Behind Immunity Boosting Powder And More Information About It

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Immunity Booster

The Story Behind Immunity Boosting Powder And More Information About It

It’s time we go back to our root, the magic lies in food synergies and Indian food cooked the right way has all of that and more ~ Luke Coutinho

We create, we don’t endorse

Key Features:

  • Special formulation powder by Luke Coutinho that helps boost immunity at all age groups.
  • Sourced from 8 indigenous spices.
  • Wood-fired iron kadais (woks) are used to roast the spices; slow speed grinders are used to mix and grind.
  • NO harmful plastic packaging. Packed in food grade pouch packing.
  • This product contains NO preservatives, additives, binders, or fillers.
  • It contains Chemical-Free, Plant-Based, Non-GMO ingredients.
  • Featured in the PMO’s “Mann ki Baat” and adjudged as “Atmanirbhar Champions” by the Government of India, as well as receiving the state’s “Best Farmers” award.

The Launch of an Immunity Boosting Powder

Optimal immune function depends on a healthy immune system. This is where you need to go to the root cause on how to help improve the immune system with a holistic approach and a lifestyle change.

Taking into account the eating patterns and routine, it was in 2018 that Luke Coutinho developed a simple yet effective recipe of 8 Indian spices that work day-to-day to strengthen immunity. The research culminated in the development of a powder that can be included in a person’s life regardless of their age or activity level and help boost immunity and reduce inflammation.

He and his team of nutritionists routinely prescribed the powder to patients who made it themselves at home and regularly consumed it daily. Luke had received positive feedback regarding his formulation with time.

While making any recipe, the real difference lies not in the ingredients, but in how they are incorporated in the formulation.

The cooking method determines the bioavailability of the ingredients. Since the recipe involved the slow roasting and grinding of spices in a specific proportion, it was only the lack of preparation time that caused a concern for his patients.

As a result, Luke Coutinho began looking for passionate people and farmers to help him put this recipe together. This is how Luke Coutinho met Two Brothers Organic Farms and they took some time to source organic and ethically sourced ingredients. They agreed that it would be a good idea to involve farmers at a grass root level and prepare a mix.

In a month, they launched their first immunity boosting product easily accessible to the consumers. In addition to all this, it has been positively impacting the lives of 7 farmers who have been growing the spices on a land area of over 12 acres. Not to mention, this had touched the lives of more than 1000 customers in just less than 1 month of launch.

Then came the year 2019, where the pandemic hit us badly and our world was shaken in a way, where we all learned about the concept of immunity. We at YouCare always believed that the secret lies in our simple approach, and since the immune system is an intricate system that requires an ideal balance of several factors, not just a specific diet and not just a single food or nutrient.

Therefore, we have created a simple yet effective combination that we can easily incorporate into our daily lives not just to protect our immune system, but also to go to the root cause to provide support to our immune system to perform complex functions and better prepare our body for infections and inflammatory reactions.

Two brothers Immunity Boosting Powder

Product Description

Luke Coutinho along with Two Brothers developed an ancient recipe using combinations of 8 native Indian spices. A powder is carefully crafted by roasting, stirring and cooling from wood-fire in iron kadais(woks), blending, and grinding with slower speed grinders. The mixing or heating process does not use high-speed machines or modern machinery.
Consuming this powder on a regular basis can help strengthen immune function naturally in people of all ages. Two Brothers Organic Farms provides Chemically Free, Sustainable, Certified Organic ingredients that are grown in their own farms. The product is free of preservatives, additives, binder and fillers. Thus, the product is made from pure, natural plant-based ingredients.

Additionally, the final packaging of the product is also done safely by using food grade pouches rather than a harmful plastic bag.

Get to know more about the product:
Immunity Boosting Powder



Natural Way to Boost your Immunity:

Your kitchen got all secrets to help build a team of nutrients to fight infection. The powder with 8 spices from your own little kitchen combined in an optimal ratio can help boost our immunity naturally and provide them protection and energy to fight infection.


Helps Boost Digestion:

These spices are anti-inflammatory and possess digestive properties making them ideal for gastrointestinal health. They are easy on your stomach. Remember,  70% of your immunity is found in your gut!



                                             Ancient Recipe for Wellness:

The healing benefits of spices have been utilized and explored by traditional and alternative medicine practitioners like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Naturopathy for hundreds of years. Science today confirms the health benefits of spices that folk medicine has been using for centuries. There is a growing body of research showing that spices can be used to lower risk and even treat some of the common diseases, conditions, and illnesses. These active compounds will also reduce body fat and other metabolic syndrome markers while simultaneously enhancing many organ and gland functions.


Combats Infections and Chronic Diseases

This powder can be used to treat minor allergies, chronic coughing, and colds. This helps build immunity against the respiratory allergies.


If you are on any medication, consult your doctor before consuming this powder.



You Care Lifestyle is a platform that deals in organic products of the best quality. You Care Lifestyle connects its clients with the very best foods and products ethically sourced from farmers.

A high-quality product formulated by nutrition expert Luke Coutinho and natural organic farming experts Two Brothers Organic Farms, this Immunity Boosting powder has been prepared with extensive research and the ingredients have been grown holistically using natural/organic farming techniques.

  • With 8 indigenous ingredients, it is scientifically formulated using traditional methods.
  • Slow roasting of ingredients and gently pounding is done without damaging the nutrients.
  • An optimal ratio of spices used in the formulation for maximum benefits and absorption.
  • All ingredients are grown under strict adherence to traditional farming methods where each ingredient is respected and allowed to grow naturally.

 Star Ingredients

We have carefully selected 8 ingredients which are indigenous seed variety. Our philosophy is to improve the immune system holistically and thus giving long-term results. Get a deeper understanding of how these valuable ingredients work. These ingredients together not only improve immunity, but overall digestion, blood sugar, your weight, lipid profile which overall has a great impact on your normal functioning of your immune system.


  • Curcumin with Black Pepper

-Active Compound: Curcumin and Piperine.

 -Both exerts anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory action.

-Black Pepper increases the bioavailability of Curcumin by 2000%



  • Cumin Seeds
    -Active Compound: Cuminaldehyde

-Have an anti-inflammatory and anti-septic effect.

-Excellent Source of Iron and Thymoquinone (phytochemical)

– Great for Digestion


  • Coriander Seeds

-Active Compound: Essential Oils.

-Posseses anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and ant-inflammatory properties

-Special volatile oils and fatty acids present help maintain healthy tissues.



  • Fennel Seeds

-Active Compound: fenchone, methyl chavicol, and limonene.

-Excellent immune system booster, due to its antifungal and antibacterial     properties.

-Facilitates proper absorption of nutrients from food



  • Ginger Powder
    -Active Compound: 6- gingerol.

-Contains natural anti-inflammation properties, combats flu and fever.

-Can inhibit the production of cytokines.

-Beneficial for Digestion


  • Cinnamon

-Active Compound: Cinnamaldehyde.

-Exerts anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

-Ceylon Cinnamon has better bioavailibility than Cassia variety.

-Controls Blood Sugar Levels


  • Cardamom

-Active Compound: Cineole

-Helps relieve the digestion problems

-High flavonoid and polyphenol content protects from free radical damage




You can consume it in many different ways:

  • Combine ½ tsp of the powder with warm drinking water, mix it well till it dissolves and have it first thing in the morning.
  • You can also combine it with pure desi ghee and have a spoonful together.
  • Feel free to add this ancient mixture into your chat seasoning or any other curries etc.
  • It’s in the pouch format, so easy to carry while travelling.

But, make sure you sleep enough, follow a healthy balanced diet, exercise regularly, and refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol.

Healthy Indian Spiced Milk Recipe:

Enjoy a cup of this beverage to start your day or relax before bed. A great way to add the immunity boosting powder to your diet and replace it with black tea.


1 cup milk (preferably of your choice)

½ tsp Immunity Boosting Powder

Raw honey, to taste (optional)


  1. Heat the milk in a deep pan and bring it to boil.
  2. Add the immunity boosting powder and mix well. Remove from the flame.
  3. Now, add little honey and mix well. Serve hot.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When to consume Two Brothers Organic Farms Immunity Boosting Powder?

It can be consumed any time of day, according to your needs. Our recommendation is to kick off the day with powder and water.

Who should consume Two Brothers Organic Farms Immunity Boosting Powder?

Investing in immunity is the most important and necessary savings today. Everyone can benefit from it, including kids and the elderly. It can be mixed in small quantities into foods – like dals, soups, khichdis, porridges – and given to young children and adults. Consume it every day or as needed to maintain your health.

Contact our team if you have any questions, we can work together to resolve it!

Why do we need to consume Immunity Boosting Powder?

The immune system is our first line of defense that protects our body from diseases, from harmful chemicals to bacteria, from viruses to cancer cells. It has two lines of defenses.

The first is the “innate” immune system, which responds quickly to a variety of pathogens to fight infections and prevents tissue damage. Next is the “adaptive” immune system, which is composed of immune cells that produce more targeted or specific responses to more aggressive microorganisms such as viruses.

Adaptive immune cells work by recognizing and destroying a small part of the virus outside the infected cell. These cells become what we call “memory cells”. Next time they encounter the same virus, they can kill it. The development of this immune system begins after birth and slows down with age.

Certain aspect of our modern lifestyle also weakens our immune system.

These include:

  • Insufficient sleep.
  • Use of certain drugs and overuse of antibiotics.
  • Low vitamin D content.
  • High intake of Processed foods
  • Low consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Lack of physical activity.
  • Stress and anxiety.

Optimal immune function depends on a healthy immune system. This is where you need to go to the root cause on how to help improve the immune system with a holistic approach and a lifestyle change.

The pandemic of 2019 hit us and our world was shaken in a way, where we all learned about the concept of immunity. In order to create an immunity-boosting diet, we started looking for immune-enhancing ingredients, supplements, etc. Additionally, our hands may also have been moved to consuming multivitamins or dadima ke nuske.

Immunity has always been fundamental property of our bodies that no part is excluded from its surveillance. Although the immune system may seemed like a less important part of the body than an organ like the heart or liver, in summary, immunity consumes huge amounts of energy when it produces the large number of cells required for proper functioning.

We at YouCare always believed that the secret lies in our simple approach, since the immune system is an intricate system that requires an ideal balance of several factors, not just a specific diet and not just a single food or nutrient.

Therefore, we have created a simple yet effective combination which we can easily incorporate into our daily lives not just to protect our immune system, but also to go to the root cause to provide support to our immune system to perform complex functions and better prepare our body for infections and inflammatory reactions.

What is the recommended dosage of immunity-boosting powder?

We recommend having ½ tsp of immune-boosting powder with warm water or pure ghee. Consult our team if you are on medications.

How do I store the products?

Store in an airtight container in a cool,dry  place, away from sunlight.

What would be the shelf life of the product?

Product is good for 12 months from the packing date.

What regular consumers of Immunity powder mix have to say:

This mix is tried and tested with thousands of people all over the U.S, London, Middle East, Sweden etc …. and many have already reported fantastic results –

– “Hi! I have to tell you because it is through you that I came to know of the immunity boosting powder. It is fantastic. Taste is amazing. Above all, I really think I’m a much healthier person because of that powder. I’ve had flus disappear on their own just because I’ve been taking it regularly. It definitely is magic. Yes, I’m a person who meditates every day and I exercise too. So, everything contributes but this powder is magic. Even if the viral going around is strong, the severity with which it hits you is reduced dramatically with the help of this powder. And it is all available with a click of a button. So, thank you to Luke and his team ????. And a big thank you to two brothers organic farm  – Gurvansh

– “So totally loved the Luke’s immunity powder. The reason why I went for it is because I was beginning to see my immunity go down due to various reasons. I started to take it for a few days and I noticed I started to get a cold. But that cold vanished almost instantly. Previously, these colds and coughs went on to become quite serious and I needed to see a doctor. So, this was quite amazing to see and feel. Apart from that, I think the taste is lovely. It transports me back to India. I mix it into my soup or just have it with hot water in the mornings. So, thank you for formulating such a powder and thank you to the two farmers for putting it together in an organic way.”  – Mark

Click here to buy the product: Immunity Boosting Powder

Feel free to contact us for any concerns regarding any of our products through our email address,, or our toll free number, 1800 102 0253.


I and my team are standing by if you have any questions or need to improve your immunity. With the help of our integrative health team of professionals, you can achieve sustainable health goals, with a focus on preventing and managing a variety of conditions and diseases.

Always remember that products can’t work alone, magic is not in formulas but in You. With balanced diet, good sleep, emotional detox, changing lifestyle will bring power and efficacy to the product.

DISCLAIMER: The immunity powder is NOT a replacement for any medication or medical treatment. Please make an informed decision and keep your health professional in the loop before consuming the powder especially if you have medical conditions.

Image Credit: Except for the product image, all of the images are from Pixabay.



Need help to reach your wellness goals? We help you find a way. Be a part of a personalized You Care Wellness program that revolves around YOU and work one-on-one with our integrative team of experts. Speak to our wellness consultants on 1800 102 0253 or email us at to know more.

Why Choose You Care Wellness?
Because we help you find a way
- Luke Coutinho

Our You Care wellness programs are designed around the five fundamental intelligent systems within the human body involved in prevention, recovery, and rebuilding. Every program and protocol after a thorough diagnosis and prognosis is built around - Angiogenesis, DNA repair, Immunity and Inflammation, the Gut Microbiome, and Stem Cell Regeneration. Our approach involves using food synergy and deep cellular nutrition, exercise, sleep, and enhancing emotional wellness and lifestyle.

Our You Care wellness program respects the uniqueness of a person and works with an understanding that no one shoe fits all. Every program and journey is personalized according to the person's past and present lifestyle, ailment/disease, symptoms, and root causes. In integrative and lifestyle medicine, we focus on addressing the root cause of the problem and work to manage the side effects of medications and treatments that may cause secondary problems, issues, and discomfort. While symptoms are being treated, root causes must be addressed, and rebuilding with a focus on future prevention is important. On this journey with us, you have a team of highly trained nutritionists, clinical dietitians, allopathic doctors, yoga therapists, life coaches, and certified emotional counselors that will be assigned to your case according to your condition, if required.

Every disease requires this approach, from a simple case of acne to a rare syndrome, cancer. We help you find a way.

Our programs in no way guarantee you a cure or miraculous healing. We will never sell you anything in that light. We believe in a structured approach, knowledge, research, wisdom, and years of experience coming together to assess you and your condition as a unique one and plan your protocol along those lines.

We are not a replacement for your medical team and will never suggest otherwise unless we feel that your current medical approach is ineffective and dangerous to you.

We put care, love, respect, and understanding in our approach and design healthcare around the person first and then the disease. It is our commitment to simplifying health and lifestyle. We want to make wellness more enjoyable and wonderful, instead of horrible.

We commit our best to everyone who comes to us and while we can't always promise the result, we always promise to be there for you and give it our all to you, your family, loved ones. Our only hope is for you to get better and live a happier and healthier life.

A cure is not possible for many illnesses, but we firmly believe that there is always room for healing. Healing can be experienced as acceptance of illness and peace with one's life. This healing, we believe, is at its core - spiritual. Healing can comprise acceptance, letting go, the forgiveness of oneself or others, seeing with a different perspective, hope, faith, belief, prayer, and so much more. Healing is never someone making a promise to you that you will get better by selling you a special medicine, supplement, chant, prayer, magic stones, magic oils, and so on. Healing and recovery are different. In our experience, we see dying patients who start to heal, and sometimes as they heal the past and present, their condition can improve, sometimes, nothing happens, but the patient gets emotionally happier and stronger as they heal at all levels even if the disease cannot be cured.

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