See every disease as an imbalance, and work on correcting that imbalance to repair, prevent, improve functioning and enhance health.

We are not looking for a quick fix or selling a magic pill, we are instead focused on helping our clients harness the power of the human body to repair itself using lifestyle.

See every disease as an imbalance, and work on correcting that imbalance to heal, prevent, lose weight and enhance health.

We are not selling any magic pill, we are instead harnessing the power of the human body to heal using lifestyle. We need doctors, medicine and people to realize that medicines alone will only treat the symptom, but if the root cause is diagnosed and addressed, complete recovery and healing is possible in many cases.

It’s all about you and your health. Choose a program that serves you best.

We run personalized programs, which are available to anyone across geographies. We aim at helping people with various lifestyle diseases.

The team works with an integrative approach along with the primary doctor and will never dissuade a client from conventional treatment or interfere with the advice of the primary doctor. In fact our goal is to help the client in a holistic way through lifestyle that the primary doctor will eventually wean the client off medication if possible, either because there is no more a need for it or the root cause of the sickness has been addressed.

Having consulted with thousands of clients globally and running personalized programs, we believe that through experience mixed with research, science, nature, common sense, lifestyle changes and self-discipline we are able to manage, control and sustain healthy bodily functions.

A methodology that truly brings about change

The programs are customised and tailor made for each individual. They are online and can be done from the convenience of your home or city.
The foundation of every program is holistic and revolves around 4 pillars that Luke talks about.

The key benefits for our programs are:

Personal attention by professionals

Benefit from a holistic and an integrative approach used by our team of experts ranging from clinical dietitians, nutritionists, lifestyle coaches and doctors.

Pronged approach

Focus on the 4 pillars to health - Balanced Nutrition, Adequate Exercise, Quality Sleep and Emotional well-being.

Treat the root cause and not just supress symptoms

Treat the condition right from its root and not just symptomatically.

Consistent reporting and updates

Review progress and understand challenges week on week.

Effort to create a new attitude and sense of self

Improve your quality of life and sense of well-being.

Manage and change habits and lifestyle

Learn ways to mindfully manage your lifestyle in spite of your routine and busy schedule.

Wellness program

Achieve your health goals that are sustainable with customized health care plans created by our integrative team of healthcare professionals, with a focus on addressing the root cause to prevent and manage a variety of diseases and lifestyle conditions.

Program 1

Cancer Care program

Get personalized Cancer Care plans to help you manage cancer using a natural and holistic approach by our integrative team of senior nutritionists, clinical dietitians, lifestyle coaches, and doctors. The program focuses on not just cancer, but also aims at managing side effects of conventional treatments that run parallelly, improving the quality of life, boosting immunity, and reducing the chances of relapses.

Program 1

Exclusive Wellness program with Luke

Get yourself a health care plan exclusively devised by Luke and his integrative team of healthcare professionals to help you achieve your health goals, using a holistic approach based on your case, which will be studied and reviewed by Luke.

Program 1

Balanced Nutrition program for children

Manage the nutritional needs of your child through customized and balanced food plans put together by our meal planning analyst. The program covers children from 1-16 years of age and it strikes a perfect balance between the child's food preferences and the nutritional needs to help build a strong foundation of health and immunity.

Program 1

Executive Wellness program with Luke

Our fully customizable and elite Executive Wellness program will help support your health and carve out a perfect lifestyle that suits you, your body, and your schedule, while you go about accomplishing what you set out to do. This program enables and empowers you to develop healthy lifestyle habits that ultimately transform your life – both personally and professionally. Let’s achieve success and enjoy it too – because what’s the point of achieving success at the cost of our own health?

Program 1

Kidney Care program with Luke

The kidneys are extremely important detoxification organs, which are responsible for filtering out toxins from the body, maintaining blood pressure, controlling body temperature, and so much more. Imagine what might happen when their function is weakened. The kidneys, unlike other organs, don't show too many symptoms when compromised until it is too late. Hence, they warrant the right kind of care and attention.

Program 1

Immunity Program

A strong immunity is all you need to prevent or manage a disease. Today it’s more important than ever to give your body everything it needs to help support your immune system. Immunity is the body’s first and last line of defense that protects you from pollutants, allergens, toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and even genetic mutation. Every single health conditions can be circled backed to a weak immune system. The immune system tends to get weaker and weaker as you age, live stressful lives, have stressful jobs, work late, and travel frequently. However, you can start boosting your immunity right now by following a healthy lifestyle that’s tailormade just for you.

Program 1

Senior Care Program

Ageing is an inevitable process, but through this program we help make this a beautiful and graceful journey for you. The Senior Care program is designed to provide the necessary all round support and handhold senior citizens especially those staying alone. To prevent age-related degenerative conditions related to joints, gut, vision, skin, cognitive abilities, depression, balance, dental health, and hair health. 

The program takes a 360 degree preventative approach using balanced nutrition, activity and movement, emotional stress management and quality sleep to boost immunity, prevent chances of common infections and diseases that are age related and uplift their overall sense of well-being. The elderly need to be cared for sufficiently in their old age. If you are senior citizen or have a loved one who is a senior citizen, then this program is for you. We look forward to partnering with you towards aging gracefully. 

The program is specifically designed for our senior citizens who are 60 years and above and addresses no medical conditions. In case of any existing health condition, we encourage you to join our Wellness / Cancer Care / Kidney Care program accordingly.

Program 1

Pregnancy Care program

A specialized and tailored program that carries a holistic and 360 degree approach towards pregnancy – a life changing event in a woman’s life. The program aims at giving the mother-to-be, personalized care and support and the healthiest possible experience throughout the pregnancy. The program focuses on not just nutrition and superfoods, but also critical aspects like bonding between mother and child, coping mechanisms to combat stress and fear, and guiding the expecting mother about the right kinds of exercise and  movement, emotional health and guidance on managing sleep.

An expecting mother can join the program during any stage (trimester) of her pregnancy. The plan will be customized according to the mother and baby’s requirements during that stage. In case, the delivery date falls within the program duration, the plan will also focus on postnatal care like lactation and breastfeeding.

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We are serious and focussed on the work we do and our time is of utmost importance and value. We have hundreds of people in line and would truly want to work with individuals who are aligned to and respect our values.