What do Luke’s masterclasses bring to the table?

1. In a world flooded with information and many perspectives on wellness, Luke brings to you his top learnings and over 13 years of experience in the field of Integrative and Lifestyle medicine merging deep research, science, and simplicity.
2. This isn’t your usual masterclass where you are left with just information, but realistic actionable steps you can begin taking.
3. A wide range of topics from disease prevention and management to spirituality, nutrition, relationship struggles, emotional health, mind-body exercises, and several other wellness and lifestyle topics.
4. Understand Luke’s perspective on some of the hottest and trending topics, whether it’s for kids, teens, young adults, middle-aged individuals, or senior citizens.
5. A 360° approach to every topic covering the 5 fundamental pillars of holistic health
6. Join online from any part of the world whether you are home or work to learn, evolve, and gain wisdom firsthand.
7. An enriching 45-minute live session brimming with profound insights and invaluable wisdom shared by Luke, followed by a 15-minute moderated Q&A session.
**Rest assured, any unanswered questions will be addressed via email, ensuring a comprehensive and fulfilling learning experience.
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Masterclass of the month

Find out in Luke’s next masterclass on February 23rd 2024, 4:00pm IST
The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind – An Exclusive Masterclass By Luke
Medicines have limitations. Nutrition has limitations. Exercise has limitations. But, the mind? It’s limitless. Good health and life isn’t about nutrition, supplements, exercise, sleep, medicine, doctors, nutritionists, therapists. It is also about the state of your mind and thoughts. Our mind, especially the subconscious mind is the simplest yet most powerful tool we own but rarely use. Our next masterclass by Luke is all about the subconscious mind and ways to tap into its powers to build an extraordinary life and health. 

What is the subconscious mind all about? 

How is it different from the conscious mind? 

How can we tap into the power of the subconscious mind for a better life and health?
Find out in Luke’s next masterclass on February 23rd, 2024, at 4 PM IST
Priced at INR 999/-

This masterclass is for you if:

  1. You are struggling in any area of your life: health, relationships, career, finance, or personal growth.
  2. You find yourself constantly talking and thinking negatively about health and life. the relationship now.
  3. You are always imagining the worst-case scenarios.
  4. You are ready to build an extraordinary life.m.

What can you learn from this masterclass:

  1. Understanding the subconscious mind.
  2. Recognizing the difference between the conscious and subconscious mind.
  3. Harnessing your mind’s ability to heal your body?
  4. Utilizing the power of imagination to build an extraordinary life and enhance health.
  5. Discovering the impact of words, unconscious blocks, labels, and how you create through your speech and thoughts.
  6. Free yet powerful tools and exercises to train your subconscious mind.
The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind – An Exclusive Masterclass By Luke
Only at INR 999/-
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What makes our integrative approach successful worldwide?
The 5 foundational pillars of holistic health
These five pillars form the foundation of our entire platform for healing, recovery, and prevention.
Balanced Cellular Nutrition
Cellular Nutrition is finding what kind of nutrition suits your body type, metabolism, and health goals. It is the ability to nourish your body at the cellular level. It’s not just about what’s on your plate. It is about how you eat, the flow you follow, how you optimize its absorption, and support your cells in carrying out various functions. It is about embracing diversity, food synergies, bioavailability, and a lot more.
Adequate Exercise
Adequate Exercise isn’t about adopting extremes. It is about encouraging movement into your lifestyle that is safe and tailored to suit you while also respecting your limits. It is holistic in nature, and covers cardio, strength, flexibility, endurance, mobility and balance. It prioritizes exercises that make you feel happy, robust, and alive through movement’s grace.
Quality Sleep
Quality sleep encourages not just sleeping long enough, but well enough too. Sleep is a phase where our body repairs, cleanses, and rejuvenates, affecting everything from mood to metabolism. Integrative Medicine sees sleep as a potent medicine, addressing barriers uniquely. While medication helps some, overlooked factors like a sleep-friendly environment and rhythm balance matter. Through this pillar we pave the way for the body’s healing through quality sleep—a priceless, irreplaceable gift.
Emotional Wellness
Emotional Wellness stands at the top of our paradigm of health. Nurturing this pillar does not mean pushing down feelings and difficult emotions, and putting up a strong face. It is about using powerful tools like acceptance, letting go, forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, surrender, faith, prayers, visualizations, meditation, pranayama, art, nature, and music among others, to help navigate difficult emotions and feelings to create a state of harmony within the body. Because, all healing and recovery can only occur when our body is in a state of calm.
The Spirit
The Spirit focuses on reconnecting with ourselves on a deeper level. The farther we stray from our spirit, the more unhappy and disconnected we feel. Spirituality isn’t always complex—it can be as simple as being kind or serving others. This pillar guides you in nurturing your inner self in a way that resonates with you, whether it’s through meditation, immersing in nature, silence, meaningful relationships, prayer, learning from spiritual scriptures, or following paths of wisdom passed down through stories.
All of us are given the gift of the subconscious mind. We can use it to build us or destroy us. Join Luke to learn the power our subconscious holds and how we can train it to work in our favor. Are you ready to get unstuck?

Date: February 23rd, 2024
Time: 4-5 PM IST
Venue: Zoom (online)

To register or for more details, contact us via email at or call +91 98291 31660.