This Is the Most Inexpensive and Fastest Way To Burn Belly Fat

How to lose or burn belly fat? This is perhaps one of the most googled questions of all time. When it comes to losing body and belly fat, there is one thing that I can tell you with confidence. Extreme diets and fad exercise programs do not work. When you hop onto them, yes, you...

Simple ways to burn belly fat

Fastest Way To Burn Body Fat

When it comes to losing body fat and belly fat, extreme diets and exercise programs do not work. Fads do not work. Yes, maybe it can help reduce a couple of inches, but that is not sustainable. The moment you stop the fad diet or exercise, you simply pile on all that weight you...

bodyweight exercises

Best Bodyweight Exercises To Get Shredded

How do you want to come out of lockdown? Fitter and healthier, or fatter and sicker? A lot of us put up excuses around gyms being shut, or having no access to personal trainers. As much as that may be a discomfort for most of us, here are few body weight exercises to the...


Top Health Benefits Of Surya Namaskars

It can be quite easy to neglect workouts when life gets busier. Everyone dreams of being fit and getting a flatter belly, but seldom they’ve time for extended workouts. Even active individuals who are otherwise pretty disciplined when it comes to workout, fail to maintain the schedule when travelling or any other commitment comes...

Mind Body

How to Keep Mind and Body Fit at Home ?

Exercises, both physical as well as mental are often the most neglected pillars of lifestyle the moment life gets busy. It’s quite common to hear “I missed my workouts because we were travelling or we had meetings all day or we had social commitments or I missed my meditation because I did not get...


The Health Benefits Of Malasana (Garland Pose)

Seated for too long? Constipated? Tight hips? Sluggish digestion? The answer is MALASANA or garland pose. The wisdom of yoga has an answer for every single health issue – either through the way we eat, sleep, breathe, think, move. Malasana is your answer if you have been complaining of constipation, lower back pains, sciatica pains, tight...


Top 4 Health Benefits Of Walking

Often people ask about Vitamins that would suit their health. Can I have a vitamin for my hair, my kidney, my liver?  Do I need a vitamin for my heart? Do I need a vitamin to lose weight? We need to understand that vitamins may be needed when there is a deficiency, or when you...

heart health

Heart Diseases: Types, Causes And Treatments

We celebrate these days every year, Cancer day, diabetes day and tomorrow we have World Heart Day. Heart diseases lead to the most amount of suffering and deaths in India right now followed by diabetes and cancer. So what's going wrong when we have hospitals, doctors, pharmaceuticals, medications, vitamins, Ayurveda, gyms (more…)


Top 3 Exercises To Do And Stay Fit While Travelling

When you are travelling, you can try these two simple exercises which can be practiced anytime, anywhere, without the need for equipment. They are simple, quick, and do not require equipment. Lunges work on your back, legs and buttocks It focuses on the two largest muscles of your body, back and legs.  (more…)


Top 6 Workouts To Get Ripped

We all know it's all about immunity when it comes to protecting and healing yourself from disease. Gone are the days where walking on a treadmill or working out for 30 to 45 minutes was enough for your body if your goal was fat loss. Everyone reaches a weight loss plateau, that's how the...

knee pain

Stiff Joints: Why They Hurt And How To Treat Them

When we have a cold, a cough, a fever or viral flu we go to doctors and we get antibiotics which is okay sometimes. But antibiotics don't really work on viruses, they work more on you know bacterias but for you. Whenever you have an infection or viral your body produces white blood cells which...

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Burn Belly Fat With These Tips

It's been happening for years and years that people are still struggling to lose weight. People still jump from one crazy diet to another. From one exercise program to another and we never seem to be achieving our goal. We constantly focus on our weight, on our fitness, on our health and I don't...