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Monsoon Special momos – Enjoy health and taste in every bite

  Monsoon Special momos - Enjoy health and taste in every bite Monsoon Special Momos - sans refined flour, MSG and other additives. Get nutrition in every bite and in a hygienic way! SteamerMixing bowl 1 cup Ragi flour (can use jowar/Amaranth flour too)1/4 cup Rice flour2 to 3 tbsp Sattu flour1 Grated Carrot6 nos. French beans...

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Ragi Chocolate Sheera

  Ragi Chocolate Sheera Ragi or finger millet originated in Africa and has been cultivated for many thousands of years in Africa. Ragi is rich in protein and is a perfect protein source for vegetarians. It has the highest amount of calcium and potassium amongst millets and is also a great source of iron making it...

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Dal Palak (Indian Lentil and Spinach Curry)

(Indian Lentil and Spinach Curry) Simple indian, all time favorite Maa ki dal made with the combination of lentils cooked with and tempered with basic Indian spices. Pressure cookerCooking pan ⅓ cup yellow lentil / dhuli moong dal / masur dal pre-soaked for 8 hrs3 cups water1 cup spinach / palak / fresh fenugreek...

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Matcha Magic- Sip the magic potion

Matcha Magic - Sip the magic potion Easy and quick Matcha magic is a great alternative for coffee ,made with a dairy free option it can be enjoyed by Vegans too .Presenting here below easy steps to make a creamy and a delicious Magic latte. BlenderServing cups 2 cups almond milk1 tbsp pure vanilla extract2 teaspoon...

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Breakfast Oat Groats – Turbo charge morning routine

  Breakfast Oat Groats - Turbo charge morning routine Quick easy and a healthy way to begin the day with the goodness of Porridge. Simple and high in fiber, steel cut oats keep you full all morning long. Easy to make and satiating and you can add any of your favorite toppings. Sauce panLadle ½ cup gluten free...

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Bottle Gourd Curry – Delish Desi curry

  Bottle Gourd Curry - Delish Desi curry Simple easy to prepare curry made from the wonder vegetable prepared with basic indian spices and served hot as a side along with roti /rice. Cooking panMixing ladle 1 medium bottle gourd (lauki, chopped into cubes)1/2 tbsp cold pressed 1 tbsp chana dal or yellow moong dal (pre-soaked and...

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