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Stay Alert Of These Hormone Disruptors

Plastic overuse can contribute to hormonal imbalances. Image courtesy: Unsplash Do you get anxious over petty things? Do you feel like no one understands you? Do you feel like crying without any reason? Do you have angry outbursts all of a sudden? If your answer is a yes, it could be your hormones. Perhaps you...

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Savoury Pea Tart – Subtle crunch for a sumptuous Brunch

  Savoury Pea Tart - Subtle crunch for a sumptuous brunch Savoury and tart with mildly spicy flavours along with the deliciousness of superfood peas that strikes a perfect balance between taste and nutrition. Crust:1 cup gluten-free flour (mix of Amaranth and raw banana flour)3 Tbsp coconut oil½ Tsp turmeric powder2 tsp apple cider vinegar⅓ cup waterToppings:1...

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Homemade Jams/Spreads

  Homemade Jams/Spreads Jams and spreads are every kid's delight, but the big problem with store-bought jams can be summed up in one word: "Sugar!" Most commercial brands of jams have close to 3 tsp of sugar per tbsp of jam. And while that may not seem much, having it daily can add up to a...

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Millet Pongal – Sankranthi Special

Millet Pongal - Sankranthi Special Khara pongal is a staple during Makar Sankranti or ‘Pongal’, as the festival is called in Tamil Nadu, because of the flavors from warm aromatic spices and feeling of comfort with every bite and morsel. It is popular in many parts of India and known by different names. Khichdi in North...

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Luke Coutinho’s Tips to Give Yourself a Healthy Start in 2022

Luke Coutinho, an award-winning life coach who practices in the field of integrative lifestyle medicine, tells Anand Raj OK how by making small but important lifestyle changes, we can reap major health benefits. (One of the changes is so simple you can do it literally with your eyes closed!) Luke on the cover of Friday...

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