A Guide to Bonding With Your Baby (Even Before it’s Born!)

All women are different and therefore become different mothers. Different isn't a bad thing in itself. There is nothing like the perfect mother, contrary to what society would like you to believe. Some women have strong maternal instincts, they easily bond with their children. It comes naturally to them. However, this might take longer for...

Beyond Medicine Mental Health Yoga and Meditation

Can Yoga Positively Rewire Your Brain?

Does the thought of yoga rewiring your brain fascinate you? Well, that post-session happiness you often feel isn’t just in your head. Yoga legit brings a change in your brain chemistry. And guess what? You don't need to twist yourself into a pretzel to attain these benefits. Even simple poses can work magic. Let us...

Recipe Corner

A Gut Expert’s Favorite Recipe – Pumpkin Tikki

  A Gut Expert's Favorite Recipe - Pumpkin Tikki It’s that time of the year when we speak about Halloween and Thanksgiving reminding us of the Spooky Staple Ornamental Pumpkin. Let us learn about a fantastic gut health recipe which will be an eye opener for those who think Pumpkin is bland and boring. Mixing bowlPan...

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