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The Beginner’s Guide To Inflammation

Our greatest strength can be our greatest weakness in many areas of life, from love to health to money to careers. Take, for example, our astoundingly sophisticated response to injury and infection. We release a swarm of cellular troops that inevitably slaughter invaders and clear out traitors from our bodies. The cells' movements are...

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All in one protein bars. Balance of indulgence and nutrition.

All in one protein bars. Balance of indulgence and nutrition. Homemade Protein Energy Bars are delicious, healthier, and most importantly cheaper and easier to make than almost all of the ones you can buy in from the stores. High speed blender or food processor 1 cup dates pitted400 gm chickpeas (presoaked and dried)1/2 cup almond...

You Are Uniquely Unique!
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You Are Uniquely Unique!

  Knowing that you are unique is the first step to start living life consciously. Photo Credits: Pixabay You understand this, and you will understand LIFE, the changes you need to make for better health, relationships, personal growth, abundance, making choices, and feeling good about yourself and life. Do you know what biometrics is? Did you...

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Grandma’s All time special- Simple Rajma curry

Grandma's All time special- Simple Rajma curry Rajma, the best soothing and all time favorite comfort food! This dish served with rice is such a popular meal in most North Indian households prepared with special grandma's recipes using hand pounded spices. Rice and rajma provide a perfect balanced and protein rich meal. 1 cup Rajma...

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Jowar upma – Instant one pot savoury upma

  Jowar upma - Instant one pot savoury upma Wholesome, delicious upma made with the traditional versatile wonder grain - Jowar. Keeps one feeling fuller for longer and can be relished by the entire family as it is an additional add on to the nutrition quotient and the flavor profile too. Pressure cookerCooking pan 1 cup whole jowar...

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