Beyond Medicine

Healing requires a 360 degree holistic approach and we believe that it takes an integrative model that draws on the best of all healing modalities to bring about true healing in a person. This category contains blogs, articles and stories which go Beyond Medicine.

Can Yoga help to lose weight

Can Yoga Help to Lose Weight?

Obesity is emerging as a silent pandemic leading to diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol levels, and impaired glucose tolerance. With tons of weight loss mediums, the question is, “Can yoga help to lose weight?” Yoga offers holistic health solutions, and is a sacred practice dating back to the Vedic period. It works on personal growth, and...

Hope for end of life

End of life? No, unless you want to believe it!

Here is a protocol for possible recovery, miracles, and healing. If all treatments and medicines can no longer help you, try this. It is powerful and free. You have nothing to lose. I am not against medicine. It can save lives. But, what happens when medicines no longer work, and you are sent home to die,...

Breathing Exercises to boost immunity

Breathing Exercises that Boost Immunity

Today's world is running a rat race that is imbalanced and dominated by our relationship with technology. Men, women, and children have become slaves to the internet, social media, and technology, all of which increases our screen time. When we work on computers or laptops, we tend to lean forward, extend our necks, and...

Breathing Techniques for Sleep

Top 3 Breathing Techniques to Sleep like a Baby

Sleep is an inbuilt part of our lives and natural to our cells. It is the deepest meditation and the phase where all the magic occurs. No amount of drugs, caffeine or technology can ever replace what natural sleep and rest can do for our body and mind. However, to truly experience the magic...

Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer

There is so much we can do beyond medicine for our health and well-being. Don’t get us wrong when we say "beyond medicine". It does not mean replacing medicines. Let medicines do their work, but there are plenty of other tools that exist beyond the sphere of medicine, and with increasing cases of lifestyle-related...


Transforming Fear into Faith and Trusting Life

The last week of patient consults have been heavy, emotional and draining, not in a bad way but in a way that has made me push back, slow down and really reflect. In our practice, diagnosing a possible root cause is or prime importance. We have medical doctors to treat and medicate the symptoms...


The Power of AUM

Indian scriptures mention the sacred syllable “AUM” as the primordial sound from which all other sounds and creations are said to have emerged. It is widely believed that Aum was the first sound emitted when the universe was created and as a symbol, it occupies a unique place in spirituality. Aum (or as it is...

One Pot Immunity Soup

One-Pot Immunity Boosting Soup

One pot Immunity boosting soup is made with red lentils, sweet potatoes and chickpeas for a filling meal! Ingredients: 1 tablespoon coconut oil /A2 cow ghee 1 yellow onion, diced 6 cloves garlic, minced 1/2 teaspoon freshly grated ginger 1 teaspoon turmeric ½ teaspoon Luke's immunity powder  1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 large sweet...

raw honey

The Amazing Power of Raw Honey as Medicine – A Detailed Research

Sticky, thick, golden and uber sweet – made from the goodness of fruit and flower nectar and the hard work of bees – this is none other than Honey – a nature’s medicine in its truest form that has been used since ancient times. It was firstly attracted by its sweet taste, and subsequently...

immunity tea

Immunity Elixir Tea Recipe

Everything revolves around your immunity. The basis of what we do for prevention and healing of every single disease -from obesity to diabetes and even cancer, is based on this powerful and intelligent system called Immunity. Using Balanced Nutrition , as one of the most important pillars to build immunity, we spend a lot of...


Immunity | Your First and Last Line of Defence

Immunity is our first and last line of defence in our body that protects us from everything, a pollutant, allergen, toxins, chemicals, heavy metal, bacteria, virus, fungi, parasite and even a genetic mutation. Strong immunity is practically everything you need to prevent and manage disease, infection or sickness. (more…)

Simplicity and Complication

Technology is amazing. It has brought comfort into our lives, world, advancements in medicine, education, entertainment etc. Media has brainwashed us into believing that this ‘technology ‘is everything. Clever, deceitful marketing, controlled media along with fake news, has used ‘fear’ as a bait to trap and control the simple human mind. It has brought about...