How To Use Visualisation To Heal Cancer

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cancer visualisation

How To Use Visualisation To Heal Cancer

Chemotherapy does a lot more than just get rid of cancer. While these drugs are powerful enough to kill rapidly growing cancer cells, they also harm healthy cells. This may cause a number of side effects. While most side effects clear up shortly after treatment ends, some may continue well after chemotherapy has ended. And some may never go away. If you are going through chemo / radiation or for that matter popping any medication …try this :

1. Close your eyes.

2. Take a long and deep inhale if that’s comfortable for you. For example if your inhale is 4 seconds, that’s ok.

3. Then slowly exhale, Make it a long slow exhale.

4. Pause and then inhale again.

5. Repeat this for a few deep breaths and as you find a calmness in your mind, all you need to practice is Visualisation .

6. Visualize the chemo, radiation or the medicine that’s going into your body, is wiping away, killing, dissolving, eradication the cancer, germ, virus, bacteria or pain.

7. Keep visualizing this even though your conscious mind will constantly try to remind you about the dangers or side effects of what the medicine has.

Visualize deeply, breathe deeply and you have the power to change the effect of what’s going into your body into something that can actually heal you.

– Luke Coutinho

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