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The Truth About Steroids Your 101 Guide To Managing Its Side Effects

The Truth About Steroids: Your 101 Guide To Managing Its Side Effects

What comes to mind when we say steroids? Are you visualizing muscular bodybuilders and athletes taking pills or injecting anabolic steroids to build muscles and enhance performance? These are not the steroids we are talking about.   What you read next is for people who are administered steroids by their doctors for medical conditions, whether it...


From Your Oral Health, Gut, to Liver: Here’s Why You Should Try Mastic Gum

What is mastic gum?   It is a resin from the Mastic or Pistacia lentiscus tree found in the Mediterranean region. It has been widely used throughout civilizations for its medicinal properties.   We have been using the power of this amazing resin successfully for the last 13 years for our clients.   What does mastic gum look like?   You get...

Relying Heavily on Painkillers? Be Careful of THIS in conditon management

Relying Heavily on Painkillers? Be Careful of THIS

As humans, it is in our nature to avoid pain and seek comfort, which is why so many of us keep painkillers handy. These tablets have their moment and purpose in condition management, but the real issue arises when they're misused – taken as casually as one might pop a candy.     The problem is, while...

Autoimmune Disorders Condition Management with the help of reducing chronic stress, improving gut health, and promoting emotional wellness

Autoimmune Disorders: 3 Lifestyle Secrets of Condition Management

Do you ever wonder if there's more to managing autoimmune disorders like vitiligo, eczema, Hashimoto's, or multiple sclerosis than just relying on medications? While immunosuppressants and steroids play a crucial and life-saving role in treatment, their long-term use and dependence can lead to significant side effects.   Autoimmune diseases can cause extreme stress and feel like...

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Discover the Secret to a Better Life: 3 Core Foundations

Do you think there is a magic recipe for living a fulfilling life? The magic recipe can be summed up by eating well, exercising regularly, and keeping busy. But, is ticking off tasks on our productivity apps the real key to deep satisfaction?    While these elements are important, they barely scratch the surface of what...

Stop chasing motivation

STOP Chasing Motivation: Do THIS Instead for Lasting Change

One morning I received a call from one of our clients on her seventh cycle of chemotherapy.   She was exhausted and said, "Luke, I don't think I can go through this anymore. I'm not motivated."   I told her, "You don't need motivation to endure chemotherapy. What you need is to remember the immense value of your...

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Feeling Stuck with Chronic Health? Try These 7 Lifestyle Changes!

Whether it’s a lazy Sunday or a bustling Monday, life doesn’t pause, and neither do the challenges we face. Today, I felt a strong urge to reach out, not because it’s urgent, but because it’s important—especially if you’re feeling stuck. Stuck with a health diagnosis that feels overwhelming, habits that may have lost their spark,...

The Art of Self-Acceptance Nurturing a Positive Body Image

The Art of Self-Acceptance: Nurturing a Positive Body Image

In a world where social media constantly bombards us with filtered perfection and unrealistic beauty standards, cultivating a positive body image and practicing self-acceptance have become essential aspects of maintaining mental and emotional well-being. Let’s delve into the intricate journey of self-acceptance, focusing particularly on how it intertwines with nurturing a positive body image.


7 Red Flags of Low Self-Esteem!

Do you often find yourself receding to your shell? Unable to stand your ground, or voice your opinions? Playing it safe to avoid any risks, even if it is at the cost of growth opportunities? It could be a sign of low self-esteem and self-worth. What are the red flags to recognize and avoid?...

Lifestyle solutions for autism

Hope for Autism: Luke’s Top 16 Lifestyle Solutions for Real Results

"Just believing that there's one way or no way of getting better...that's hope and that's a possibility."   Living with autism can be challenging for families. Each day brings its struggles and joys as they navigate a world that doesn't always understand.   But over the past 13 years, we’ve learned something remarkable alongside hundreds of children and...

Try This 5-Ingredient Spiced Tea At Home To Calm Your Gut

Try This 5-Ingredient Spiced Tea At Home To Calm Your Gut

Who doesn't love the warmth and calm a good cup of tea brings? Today, I want to share the recipe for a simple tea you can brew at home. And it not only tastes and smells good but can work beautifully for your gut. Yes, you can have your black tea, black coffee, and...