Dealing With Cancer Recurrence

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Dealing With Cancer Recurrence

The medical world has made dramatic progress. We no longer have diseases which plagued us years and years ago but we are today faced with a new set of diseases that are promoted by tension, poor lifestyle choices, diseases that are caused by stress be it a cardiovascular, be it most cases of Cancer. We’re left today in a world that is struggling to fight lifestyle caused diseases, Cancer being one of them. Today people are living in the fear but before it was like I may get cancer I may not. Today people are like is it going to happen and if it’s going to happen when is it going to happen and we continue to live in this world that keeps throwing us more and more tests and more and more screenings. I’m not against those kind of screenings. Do screenings it is true if you find a cancer early conventional medicine can possibly work better but we shouldn’t make decisions that are promoted by fear. We shouldn’t have to make decisions that are promoted because we don’t have the right knowledge. We shouldn’t make decisions that challenge our faith in the human body or any religion that you believe in.

Out of tens of thousands of patients that we have consulted over the last few years many of them may have died, many of them are still living, many of them are in remission, and many of them are still struggling with cancer. So if you ask me Luke what is that magic that is going to help me kill cancer or prevent cancer my answer is it is multifactorial it is not just nutrition. You cannot replace chemotherapy and radiation in many cases with just nutrition alternative medicine and say drop all your conventional treatment and come here and follow this nutrition take this homeopathic pill, take this Ayurveda pill and it’s going to heal you because let me tell you right now I have people who gave up conventional treatment and went to Mexico for alternative treatments and they still died. I have people who gave up conventional treatments and decided to follow the spiritual path and they still died. I have people who only did chemo and radiation and that numbers the highest and chose to believe only in conventional medication that it will heal them and they didn’t change their lifestyle, didn’t change the way they eat, the way they live, the way they move and they died too.


In over the last few years I’ve had experience with people who are wealthy people, who have loads and loads of money and they have the ability to go to every country, every top Hospital, meet every top oncologist, every top doctor, every top nutritionist and yet they’ve done the full circle they’ve come back and the disease has consumed them and then I have people who have said let’s explore alternative medicine and not conventional because again the media and the internet makes us believe that conventional treatment alone will kill you. But let me also tell you that I have hundreds and hundreds of patients which if they had not gone through chemo and radiation forget about dying of the cancer they would have died because of organ failure, the tumour would have grown so big that it pressed against vital organs in their body and they would have died of organ failure. So chemo and radiation has its place in the treatment of a disease which is Multifactorial.

The idea today is break several myths not to support conventional, not to also support just alternative, not to support just nutrition, not to support just spirituality. The idea and the learning from the minds that have been most successful and today who are in remission may have done a little bit of everything. The important thing is what did they do and why are they in remission and why are people who have not spent millions and millions and crores and crores of rupees on treatments around the world, why are they alive today? Also why aren’t the people who only did alternative treatment not also living now?

We have to understand that there are many things on the internet where people said I did cannabis oil and that’s the reason I’m alive today. It doesn’t mean that everyone switches to cannabis oil and everyone will live because if everyone did cannabis oil and it was the truth you’d be living, there would be no cancer. Vitamin C treatment and ozone therapy there’ll be success stories. I mean human life is different. Everyone’s body and everyone’s mind is different which means everyone’s way to heal will also be different. If I have 20% of the patients I’ve consulted with in remission today how come that protocol is not putting the other 80% in remission as well because the human body and human life doesn’t work that way. Everyone’s body and everyone’s mind is different. Everyone’s environment is different. Everyone’s thoughts and emotions and the way that packs their health are different. Everyone’s past is different. Today you have people who are healing from diseases much faster because they’ve looked after their health throughout their life and you can’t compare it to the case of someone who has been diagnosed with a cancer and also has diabetes and also has hypertension and also has cardiovascular issues and inflammatory diseases. Their chances of healing the same way as someone who has looked after their life is far different which is why I never go with statistics of survival rates. It is completely skewed data. You have to treat every individual as a whole and no protocol which works on type A of people will work on type B of those people and that’s where we fail. We believe that we can take our medical protocols or our natural protocols and apply to people. We believe that chemo 16 cycles is good enough for an er-positive breast cancer then I should heal all of those people who do the same treatment. We believe that popping curcumene or selenium or zinc or having turmeric chai in the morning or turmeric water or chanting ohm one hour in a day is going to heal us and we get disappointed because it doesn’t.

You will not find your answer alone on the internet you will not find your answer in b-17 and although yes b17 has its place in the treatment and we’re going to talk about that but again anyone would be lying to you if they said I took only b 17 and killed my cancer. I’ve spent enough of time in Mexico, I spent enough of time in Cuba, the two places which have the best alternative treatments in the world and have seen that alternative treatment alone may not get you the success that you think it will.

So let’s move straight into a lot of myths when it comes to cancer the first thing that we need to understand is the disease itself. It is a disease of immunity which is not intact. All of us right now have cancer cells in our body. The difference between someone who has cancer and us we don’t have cancer is our immunity. No matter what anyone says your immunity has the ability to recognize and kill cells that potentially have the possibility of mutating multiplying and dividing and not stopping. We have that potential until our cells stop malfunctioning, until our cells get weakened and don’t have the energy to support immunity until we get so toxic with the pesticides from the food that we eat or the air that we breathe or our lifestyle that it starts the process of a cancerous cell being smart enough to disguise itself so that immunity cannot pick it anymore and that’s how it starts. It’s very important to understand how the disease start because then that moves our focus on immunity whether you have a six-pack whether you have a size zero figure whether you eat organic food all day whether you work out eat well all of that stuff doesn’t matter, if your immunity is low. You could have a fit body and you could be drinking six cans of aerated drinks every single day and we all know there’s enough of research to so show that the consumption of even one can of an aerated drink can drop your immunity to 50 percent of its normal function for the next four to five hours in a day. Now it doesn’t matter how fit you are you could just be in the wrong place at the wrong time breathing in some carcinogen from the air or eating that pesticide in a fruit which if your body’s immunity was strong it would break it down, it would fight that pesticide detoxify and you would be healthy. But you’re living in a toxic world with low immunity and that is a big problem. Our cells have the inbuilt mechanism to destroy itself the moment it finds that its DNA is malfunctioning. It’s called cell apoptosis. The ability for a cell to kill itself and when cells lose the ability to kill itself because it’s not getting the right energy, because we’re going on low-carb diets or we flooded ourselves with medicines self-medicated ourselves and of course then we have toxicity from the air that we breathe and the treatments that we take, it’s just too much for the human body and we begin to deteriorate, our immunity begins to fall and again immunity is a loosely used word so we start eating apples and carrots and goji berries and super foods and we believe that that’s going to push up our immunity. It doesn’t. Immunity is an intelligent and brilliant and a system that even scientists till date don’t understand how it works and just because you think you’re going to eat more and more organic salads doesn’t make you healthier. How many of us know loads of vegans and pure vegetarian’s loads of people who eat healthy all the time and are still sick. This is not to demotivate you that you should change that but it is a lesson to us that immunity doesn’t work just by stuffing ourselves with healthy eating immunity is far more complicated by that. We could be eating the best food in the world but our movement our exercise, the way we sleep, our emotional tension is so strong that it doesn’t even matter how much we eat because it does not matter what you eat what matters is how your body breaks down what you eat and you could be gorging yourself on salads all day and you’re so tensed that your body’s cortisol levels are high, you’ve depleted yourself of digestive enzymes and all that food that you just ate doesn’t get broken down and absorbed and reach your cells and your cells still remain weak, undernourished, low in its fighting mechanism and we begin in our mind to believe that I’m healthy because I eat that well. I’m healthy because I do Cross Fit every day, I’m healthy because I’m doing yoga and chanting and meditating every single day. Then how come we’re still sick?


Let’s start off with chemotherapy and radiation. Five years or six years ago if you ask me i was completely against it. Yes it will kill you eventually at some point but not if it’s done the right way. Like I said alternative medicine is not a replacement for conventional treatment if conventional treatment is required and yes there’ll be a lot of survivor stories all over the internet that i ditched chemotherapy and radiation and I did so and so and I survived. Great good for you that doesn’t mean it’ll work for someone else because no one knows your history of your life no one knows the way you live the way you’ve lived before. No one studies that. All we are studying for is what research companies are given money for. How a drug works in the body, how you can produce a drug that gives you the best relief at a symptomatic level make you feel better and make us reinforce our belief in allopathic and pharmaceutical. Fair enough. It may save your life. But the most success that I’ve seen in the patients who have reached remission and stayed in remission are the people who did conventional treatment the right way and they also change the way they eat the way they sleep the way they live their lives emotionally mentally physically and the amount of activity they have and the people who have metastatic cancers that keep coming back over and over again are the people who blindly put their bodies their life and their faith in the hands of the doctors and conventional treatments and said fix me and doctors continue to tell them you’re dude you’re getting the best treatment eat what you want drink what you want and the cancers came back.

Let’s start off with eat what you want. Go back to your traditional family doctor, go back to a doctor who practices in villages, go back to your own doctor who probably treated you when you went to him with tummy pains or headaches and fever and all of that stuff. What was the first question they asked you? It was about the kind of food that you’re eating and if you had diarrhoea and stomach pain they would tell you to change the way you eat. If you had a fever they would tell you to reduce the amount of all these foods that you had. If you had a sore throat they will tell you to change the oil content in your food. If you had jaundice if you had typhoid whatever it is that you went. They gave you medicine but they also told you to change the way you eat and today we have the modern medical community telling you to eat what you want to eat. After you fed on breast milk, the food that went into your body for the next 10 to 15 years is the food that grew you, is the food that completed the growth of your lungs, your liver, your heart, your brains, and your musculoskeletal system. Food is information to your genes. Most cancers start because we have corruption in our genes, in our DNA and over here when food is life, when food is energy, when food is everything when it comes to the human body, when you were a sperm the way you ovulated everything revolved around energy. If food didn’t matter why are doctors telling women who are pregnant to look at their diets and eat the right kinds of food because you know that you’re also feeding a new child. The foetus requires food to grow to complete development and here you have the medical community telling people eat what you want. That is the death sentence. Not your cancer and people feel happy to hear what they want to hear. Humans have become so weak in their mind; so attached to varieties, greed, comfort that hearing that from a doctor makes them feel that this is the best doctor in the world and then it’s like my doctor says I can eat what I want so what are you telling me eat fruits and eat vegetables and cut down sugar. The most ridiculous advice and you don’t need anything but a little bit of common sense for you to understand that food is one of the most important things that you could ever do to prevent a disease and more importantly heal you if you have the disease.

Let’s understand and let’s take that a step further. Let’s move straight into the sugar myth. Doctor say there’s no evidence about sugar, eat what you want. Eat ice cream. You got to put on weight. You got to be ready for your next chemo cycle. Do they even tell you that one of the side effects of chemo and radiation is weight loss? Have they told you that there is something called a black shadow warning on a chemo drug? What is a black shadow warning? Clear it is a warning that says this medication can cause secondary cancers. What is a secondary cancer? A metastatic cancer. So they are not telling you the side effects of their treatment, it doesn’t make the treatment wrong. You may still need the treatment. But you have the right to know the side effects. So then you using common sense will also not just take the treatment. But look at ways of managing the side effects of the drug which in its honest attempt to heal you is also deteriorating your health and your immunity. So eat what you want and sugar for the longest time you can spend time on the internet and people have that kind of time, I don’t understand where they have the time to go on looking on the internet and arguing against the ill effects of sugar when it comes to cancer. There’s no evidence. Who cares about evidence when anyone will tell you that sugar is bad for your health? Especially when you’re going through a life-threatening disease like cancer. At least at that time you’ve got to wake up and realize that you were seriously ill which means you’ve got to make serious changes to your lifestyle which means sugar, yes people say that feeds cancer, it makes cancers grow and then you have arguments that it doesn’t. Now you can be the kind of person who is going to sit there and research and challenge and do everything you want because somehow you have that time to do it or you can understand that something which the world already knows is bad. It’s something I should cut down when I have a disease. But no. We’re constantly looking for that stimulation in our brains to argue to debate to do all of these things. You are trained to challenge anything that is not backed by science and that may be a good thing in many cases but it shouldn’t replace common-sense. Some of the best treatments in the world will never be backed by science because no one’s studying it, no one’s funding it. No one will fund anything that can destroy the profits of any business and that’s the truth. You can waste a lifetime trying to prove that this is bad or this is good or you can take all that energy and invest it in common sense, go back to your basics, go back to your roots and say my body has the power to heal, yes if I need chemo I’m going to do it the right way, if I need radiation I’m going to do it the right way. If I need a supplement I’ll take it the right way. If I need to change my lifestyle that is the most important part of my treatment otherwise no amount of chemo radiations supplements diet or anything is going to heal me. The healing starts from within you with you making lifestyle changes that have messed up your life or brought on the disease and let me tell you except for very few genetic cancers that have no reason and absolutely no root cause almost every other cancer you will find the root cause when you look deep enough.

Let’s come back to allopathy again. You get five minutes with an oncologist maybe ten and if you’re lucky maybe thirty minutes and if you use influence met probably from a minister or someone else you probably get 45 minutes. Is that enough of time to help you diagnose the reason of why you got cancer? Now why is it so important if you know why you got cancer? Because if you find what the root cause is you will work with that root cause and you will also work with the treatments that you’re supposed to do to help you heal the disease. So for example let me tell you that number has now gone to ninety six percent of the breast cancer cases that our team has diagnosed over the last one year. The root cause is emotional stress. I wouldn’t believe this five years ago. I would be like everyone has stress and emotional stress. Let me give you a simple example. When we diagnose we probably spend an hour to just get to the root cause because if stress was your cause of cancer no amount of eating organic fruits is going to be a solution. Eating organic fruits may be part of your solution but addressing the trigger of stress in your body would be the primary solution or drug for you. Do the chemo, do the radiation, do your alternative do what you want but never lose focus of the root cause of your disease. Now how did I get to that number of 96%. I asked one question. What was happening in your life six months to a year before you got diagnosed with cancer and almost every one of these women and men – diagnosed with prostrate cancer or colon cancer; every one of these people; the balance 4% are genetics young babies born with cancer, young girls or boys who get leukaemia all of a sudden and we don’t get to the root cause, it’s probably genetic. But the other 96% have an event, they have a tragedy, they have something that stood out in those six months or at one year which they can now relate to and now understand that would possibly be the cause of that cancer.

We all know that stress is the number one root cause of most diseases because constant chronic stress decreases immunity. If you have decreased immunity you have more inflammation, your body is unable to fight out bacteria and pathogens and germs and viruses let alone identify cancerous cells that have gone rogue. In case of  this chronic stress I’m giving you ideas of as urban as modern as you think India is you still have women who are struggling with in-law problems, you still have women who have mother-in-law issues and father in-law issues, you still have women who have suppressed emotions because they still cannot express the way they want to be. There would be a divorce or someone lost their baby or someone lost their family or loved one member and debt or an accident and tragic events but someone lost the entire business and went bankrupt. They have events that you can relate to the root cause. Now who’s going to study this? So many people out there will say what your evidence is. I’m not going to spend a lifetime proving evidence just because I got to satisfy the understanding of some people who want science and evidence. It’s common sense. So you take it or you don’t take it. But everyone knows that stress is the number one reason why we human beings today are so distorted and moved away from our core element which is nature. So when you look at emotional stress and now fine you’ve got to still treat that tumour in your breast, you still got to treat that tumour in your ovary and you may need chemo, or surgery or radiation. You still also have to change the way you eat, the way you sleep, the way you move and the way you think. If your root cause of your cancer your disease today was stress 80% of your effort has to be going into that. Now whether you use yoga, meditation or whatever it is. Whether you get rid of a toxic person in your relationship, whether it is you give up your job that has caused you stress. That should be in your path towards healing. Everything else follows or runs parallel in this. The most stressed-out person will never have chemo fix them permanently. Maybe for six months and then you’ll have a metastatic cancer comes back again. So when it comes back to food, food is the most important thing when you’re going to a treatment.

Let’s talk about chemo and radiation. How does it work? Why does your hair fall? Why do you have diarrhoea and constipation and acidity when you go through chemo and radiation? Why does your reproductive system get affected? Why does your skin colour change? We don’t ask these questions to doctors. Why not? Do you not care enough about your own health and your life? Do you think it’s not your right to know the right answers? Do you not value yourself enough? Most people today have an issue of self-worth. We don’t know our own self-worth which puts us at the end at the mercy of any doctor or healer and everyone say do it my way or just don’t come here. Don’t ask me questions. We don’t have enough of self-worth and respect for our own body to say hey listen I have every right to know what your treatment is going to do to me then it’s your job to tell me how I can manage the side-effects of my treatment.  So we must start asking the right questions. Why does your hair fall? How does chemotherapy work? Most people come to me and they say I’m going to treat chemo. So I said so what do you know about chemotherapy? And they replied like oh it’s a lot of poison going into my body and it’s going to kill the cancer. If you’re going through such a serious treatment is that all you know about chemotherapy? What we need to know is that because cancer cells rapidly multiply and divide, chemotherapy is a cytotoxin, it goes in your body and it tries to kill all of your cells that multiply and divide rapidly. This is great if it gets the cancer cells but it’s also getting your bone marrow because your bone marrow cells rapidly divide and multiply all the time. It gets your hair follicles. Your hair follicles rapidly multiply and divide which is why it’s killing your hair follicles. This is why your hair falls when you go through most chemo therapies. It also grows back. But then your immunity gets destroyed. Where does your immunity come from? Your red blood cells, lymphocytes, neutrophils, leukocytes. Everything that compromises immunity your first and last line of defence in the human body. From your bone marrow, your bone marrow makes your red blood cells your lymphocytes and it is getting attacked by chemotherapy. So that’s not a problem, you need the chemotherapy but now we also need to put the right foods and nutrients in your body so that we can save what chemo is also destroying. Likewise the radiation. What does it do? Radiation is going to burn our cancer cells off. No. It is going to burn cells to alter the DNA in cancer cells which are not working anymore. Because the DNA in your cancer cells is not working it can’t create cell death and that’s why it’s rapidly multiplying. So radiation can burn that. You can possibly get the stem cell of cancer but it is also burning the cells that have the right DNA, which means it’s lowering your cellular energy and it is lowering your immunity.

Let’s talk about energy. Everyone wonders when you have cancer and you go through chemo and you go through all of these treatments the patient gets weaker and weaker more tired and fatigued and the doctor says you’re low on energy so eat. Like eating is going to give you energy. Let’s understand what the treatment is doing to you. Let’s understand what the cancer cell is doing to you. There are two ways that your cells produce energy and this is very important for you to understand. Cells produce energy in the mitochondria of your cells Aerobically which means with oxygen in the mitochondria of your cells, your cells produce something called ATP adenosine triphosphate that gives you energy. Now cancer cells produce energy anaerobically which means without oxygen not in the mitochondria of your cells but in the cytoplasm. When your cells produce energy in the cytoplasm of your cell there is a by-product galactic acid which drains you completely which is why you see cancer patients visibly being drained of energy. Now the energy produced in the mitochondria can produce approximately 32 times more of ATP which is energy adenosine triphosphate aerobically which means your cells need oxygen to produce energy. Now cancer cells thrive in areas where there is no oxygen. Where it is anaerobic and it produces energy to sustain itself by fermenting glucose and sugar which requires a lot of energy in the human body. It drains you completely producing a by-product called lactic acid which is then transferred to your liver, your liver re converts this into glucose and now that cancer cell has made its own delivery channel for energy. In this process not only is the patient getting lower and lower and levels of energy and getting fatigued and more and more tired that lactic acid is blocking the absorption of key nutrients into the healthy cells which means you are slowly deteriorating now because of malnourishment not because of your cancer not because of your treatment. Your cells are being depleted of nutrition, they’re being robbed by the cells which should never be in your body and that leads the patient into something called cachexia where a patient becomes skin and bone and the doctors are eat ice cream eat cakes eat what you want take more protein. Never understanding that no matter how much you do of that the body is not going to be able to produce energy the right way because it is not about your gene it is about the metabolism that is happening in your body.

All of us have good genes and bad genes and we may not be able to control the bad genes that we have in our body but what we can control, what we can exercise control over is a metabolic power by giving your cells the right food and the right amount of energy so that it can survive. So when it comes to eat what you want that is your death sentence when it comes to cancer or any disease.

Sugar; you’re injected with radiated sugar molecules when you do your PET scan because if you have cancer cells in your body cancer cells will have FDG uptake that’s a sugar molecule and then they shine the light on you and they tell you that’s where your cancer is. Why didn’t they feed you with anything else? Why radiated sugar? Because cancer cells attract sugar and then they don’t digest them. They ferment them and begin the same process that I just explained to you. This is why sugar is your biggest enemy. Not only when you have cancer but in overconsumption today. Anyone, your children, you whether you’re healthy and you’re not everyone knows sugars bad for you. So why would you force or feed a patient who has cancer with something that you already know is bad for you. Sugar doesn’t make you fat. If you think sugars going to make the patient fat and put on weight sugar doesn’t even make you fat. Sugar ferments in your body, decreases your metabolism, reduces key nutrient uptake into your cells and you become metabolically weak. You have higher insulin levels and that’s what makes you fat. Not the consumption of sugar.

So let’s move on from sugar to the next myth which is dairy. I don’t have a problem with dairy. I have a problem with dairy which is corrupt. I have a problem with an ER positive breast cancer patient that is a cancer that feeds oestrogen or that is caused by excess oestrogen. Drinking milk that is filled with oestrogen because of the way the way those cattle is bred today. I have a problem with sick patient taking broad-spectrum antibiotics through the milk that they drink because that is exactly what cows are given; broad-spectrum antibiotics so that they don’t get sick and they can keep on producing milk to satisfy a greedy and distorted human race. So I have a problem with milk over there. Now it is your choice. Some people get their own cows and get their own milk and they drink it and I have patients who drink milk and go into remission as well and I have patients who give up milk and also go into remission; that’s not the only reason. So can I make a claim that if you give up milk completely your cancer will go? Absolutely not. But it is for you to decide based on the quality of milk, the way you were brought up, what you drank, what you had as a child to decide if you should be having it as a patient or you should not be having it as a patient. In most cases milk is mucus-forming. Mucus helps cells clump together. It makes it an anaerobic environment which is a favourable environment for cancer cells to breathe; an environment without oxygen. This is why I keep saying oxygen or prana is the most powerful drug on this planet and which is why when I go to Mexico and I go to Cuba and I see patients around the world coming in to take oxygen treatment, it makes a lot of sense because you’re oxygenating your blood. Cancer cells can’t breathe in an environment which is constantly oxygenated but again only going and oxygenating your blood is not going to be the reason that you only go into remission like I said it’s multifactorial. So that’s it on dairy.

Let’s move to chemo and radiation and supplements. Most doctors will tell you do not take supplements when you have chemo and radiation and yes while you’re going through certain chemo and radiation it’s not the best thing to take because supplements are rich in antioxidants. Chemotherapy is trying to trying to make your body produce more free radicals so that these free radicals can go and attack cancerous cells and here you are probably taking an antioxidant which will decrease the efficacy of chemo and radiation. So it’s always best that you follow your oncologists advice at that point because yes there are certain chemo and radiation which will not work very well if you’re taking antioxidants but there is a place for antioxidants and good quality supplements are best to get it from your wholesome foods post your treatment when the body is trying to rebuild itself. It is so important. Let me give you an example. Diarrhoea and constipation. Chemo depletes vitamin b6. You have less b6 you have diarrhoea. So now you’re given a pill to control the diarrhoea. Any pill has a side effect either in your liver or your kidney whereas all you needed to do is replace the vitamin b6 that chemos depleted with foods that are rich in b6 or a normal B complex tablet and you can sort out your diarrhoea the same with constipation. Chemo depletes b3. If you have less b3 the body can get constipated. So now here you are taking laxatives which are going to flush out your good bacteria that your body needs to produce immunity. It’s a vicious cycle where all you need is b3 or you need the right vitamin and mineral to prevent you from getting constipated. So two ways you can improve the quality of life and immunity if chemo and radiation is run the right way with the patient making changes in their diet and in their lifestyle simultaneously. You do not have to go through the side effects of chemo and radiation the way people fear it so much if you are looking after the side effects so I’m putting in cytotoxin through chemo, I’m also helping the body get rid of it as quickly as possible.

Detoxification today has also become a fad. You don’t need to go for these complex and expensive detoxification programs. The human body has its own brilliance and intelligence in itself to detoxify through the skin, the largest eliminatory organ. Through the lungs; respiration; inhale oxygen exhale carbon dioxide. Your lungs your liver and your colon if these five exits are working the right way your body can detoxify even the heaviest chemicals and toxins in your body but because we live in a world where we’re breathing toxic air all the time and we have pesticides in our food and we have the overconsumption of medication at some point your body is overburdened with toxins and we have to help the human body detoxify. Which is why detoxification during chemo and radiation is so important to remove the residual effects of chemo and radiation so that your immunity can bounce back up and so that your liver and kidney and your vital organs don’t get clogged with toxicity and then now you just don’t have cancer but you have a failing liver and you have a failing kidney because of toxicity. So yes you can improve your quality of life you can improve that possibility of getting into remission and staying in remission if you manage conventional medication the right way.

It’s not just cancer. The diabetic population popping pills for diabetes and just believing that oh I’m on pills my sugar levels are fine and not changing their lifestyle. You’re going to have side effects of that pill eventually and you’re not just going to have diabetes, you’re going to have high blood pressure, cardiac issues and eventually a stroke likewise with the population that’s popping statins and saying hey my cholesterol report looks good I can eat what I want I can do what I want my statins keeping me healthy. Yes healthy on paper. That’s hypocrisy. You’re healthy on paper. You’re not healthy if you’re on a pill. Get to the root cause and solve your issue. So any medication or treatment that you’re taking you should be running it parallely with lifestyle, the basics of nature, giving you the food that it needs, the rest that it needs, the movement that it needs and the emotional break that it also needs. That’s about the side effects.

Let’s move straight into metastatic cancers. Cancers come back a lot today and I will tell you in most of the cases that cancers come back are the people who never change their lifestyle post their treatment. The doctor showed them their PET scan and said hey the tumour shrunk your cancers not anymore go and enjoy your life and they went back to their original lifestyle and the cancer came back in most cases. The cancer comes back in a body whose terrain was never changed.  Your body has a terrain. If it supports the growth of cancer cells your cancer is always going to keep coming back to you no matter what treatments you do. You have to change the terrain of your body so that you create an environment that is not favourable for cancer which brings me to the whole acidic and alkaline myth. People are buying kangen water and alkaline water and stuff like that. That’s a fad. That’s a myth. The human body has its natural ph regulator. No amount of alkaline water is going to save you because guess what it is true that cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment, it is true that cancer cells survive more in an acidic environment but just taking alkaline water doesn’t change the terrain, the soil of your body. It doesn’t work that way. Certain cells, cancer cells don’t survive in a pH of 8.2. Living and healthy cell also don’t survive in a pH of 8.2. That’s a myth. But yes we’re living in a world where we’ve made our body so acidic that even our normal pH regulators in the human body struggle and we can help it by reducing the amount of acidic foods that we eat or eating balanced nutrition that helps the meal digest and keep your blood cells alkaline as well. So for example lemon water; everyone says lemon water is alkaline and you’re drinking your meal and you’re chugging down lemon water; guess what you’re doing more damage to yourself. Your stomach needs an acidic medium to break down and digest your food and your you are chugging down lemon water making yourself alkaline which means you’re compromising digestion, the breakdown and absorption of nutrients into your blood. There’s a time to drink that lemon water. 30 to 45 minutes after your meal is when you should drink that lemon water. When you’ve had a completely acidic meal or junk food which makes you acidic so this is why if you eat what you want your pH regulator and the human body is going to require help to make yourself alkaline. Yes it’s true. This is why we go back to a balanced diet. If you’re eating only cooked food you’re going to have an acidic body but if you’re eating at least 50 to 70 percent raw food and the rest of cooked, you have a balance of alkaline and acidic and you don’t have to try harder than that. But then again when you get subjected to chemo and radiation that makes the body so acidic, This is why more drugs make the body acidic which is why on that long prescription that you get from your doctor you also find a pan D or an antacid put over there because they know your medication is going to make you acidic so yeah take an antacid so that you don’t have to go through the discomfort. Enough of common sense tells you that medication makes you acidic as well. This is why we want to try to use lifestyle to get off medication in a safe way as soon as we can.

Cannabis oil, snake skin oil, selenium b-17; all of that stuff. Do you really think that just that one thing is going to heal you from cancer? It finds its place in your holistic healing. Yes it’s legalized in the U.S. I have like one-third of my patients in the U.S today who are prescribed medical marijuana and it helps them in many ways but is it right to say that it’s going to take away your cancer completely? That you can use it as a way to replace? Maybe for some it may work, maybe for some it will not. It’s got to be personalized and completely individualized when you make these things. So there is no magic pill available in the world and I’ll tell you that right now there is no magic pill that will take away your cancer but there is a lot of magic in the world which if you use wisely and smartly with your overall treatment that is meant for you, yes you can get into remission, yes you can heal, yes you can prevent, yes you do not have to live in the fear of the disease but you can’t keep comparing yourself with everyone around and start to apply what they did in their life and their healing to your life because the first thing that you have to accept is that you are different, your mind and your emotions are different, your body constitution is different, your genetic makeup is different, your environment is different, your childhood is different, your present situation is different, all of that is different. This means that that protocol doesn’t have to work on you alone. So let’s not get fooled by alternative as well.

Yes I’ve had a patient eight weeks ago 32 years old with one child. One year after her pregnancy she had a primary tumour in the breast and decided not to do conventional treatment. Respect that because we never force people to do what they do not want to do. When a Mexico did alternative treatment for a month, did cannabis oil for another month all of that stuff came back living well all of a sudden PET scan metastatic cancer everywhere in her body. Passes away two weeks later. So it’s not fair that we just say alternative is the way forward. What is the way forward is integrative. Integrative, where we put our egos aside where we lower our pride and we take the best intelligence from all minds; from an oncologist, from a nutritionist, from an emotional healer, from a yoga therapist, from a radiologist, from a chemo therapist, from an anaesthetist– you take the best of everyone with the best interests of the patient in mind and I can promise you the patient will heal better which is why integrative wards right across the world be it in the U.S, London, Fortune everywhere, its sprouting up everywhere. Integrative why because today it’s the ego of every specialist like it’s my way or the highway. Oh sorry only this, don’t do anything else but what if you did the treatment the right way. Truly caring for the patient in the middle saying that I know what I’m putting into you is poison and I also know that the sooner we get the poison out of your body the right way you have a better chance of not just survival but quality of life. Who wants quantity of life with suffering today?

That brings me to the fourth myth and the biggest mistake. Forcing the patient to do the treatment that you want them to do. I can’t tell you how many cases we come across every single day of someone who’s 65 or 70 years old and that poor mother or father doesn’t want to do chemo and radiation and it’s the doctors pushing them and their family pushing them. I understand you love her and you’re doing the best and all of that stuff but let me tell you from experience any treatment if you force upon a patient who does not have faith in it does not want to do it or does not believe in it the treatment will kill them because the mind is real when it comes to your healing. It’s like a placebo effect. Every doctor everyone knows about the power of a placebo. So when people are loosely telling a patient that you have three month’s length less left to live, you have six months left to live, even if the patient is destined to live the patient will die because the mind began to believe that. So if you have that ailing person going through chemo the question that you should ask is quality over quantity. Remember it’s not you that’s going to live to the suffering of the ill effects of this treatment. It is your mother or your father or your loved one. You can make informed decisions when you’re equipped with the right Information. Most of these decisions are made with emotion and made out of fear and made out of the belief that I have all the money in the world. Any treatment, bring me the best doctor, bring me the best nutritionist. I’m sorry what you need is wisdom. You need at that point is simplicity. You need is compassion. You need is understanding. Not to react from your emotions and fears and push someone who doesn’t want to do that treatment through that treatment. The same with someone who’s going through chemo and radiation and say like I just want to do the treatment and I don’t want to change the way I eat, I don’t want to take anything else, I don’t want to give up sugar, I don’t want to give up milk, the most you can do is make them understand and your job is done. You can’t force them to do the same. It’s not going to work at all. It works both ways. So it is very important that we understand that we give the right to make a decision unless the person doesn’t have that ability to. We give them that right to make the decision. At the end of the day it is their life and we have seen too many people suffer from the side effects of the treatment and deteriorate just for six months more just for a year more and people who grow older and wiser believe that oh my times come up. I don’t want to suffer. Let me go. It’s their choice. If they’ve made it from their heart with a certain amount of strength let them make that and let them continue with that.

Now if you have cancer and you don’t have a nutritionist and you don’t have a doctor or you’re planning to get a doctor or you don’t have the money to get a doctor or whatever it is there are simple things that you can do right now that will invest in you and that can possibly and hopefully help you besides medicine and nutrition and everything else. We should never lose faith in miracles. There are small little miracles happening in our life every single day and we’re just living such a chaotic life that we don’t even know these little miracles that are happening in our life every single day. It could be you; it could be your child in that hospital where you know oxygen supply ran out of. It could be you that you could be that person who got knocked down by a bus today. It could be you on that flight that crash. You know these are little miracles. You can call it good luck. You can call it whatever. I like to call it little miracles that happen all the time. But we live so much in this clutch of fear, so much in this world of attachment to material things and comfort and variety and all of that stuff, we have broken harmony and balance between the mind and body, between the mind and heart. This is why we allow decisions that are based on fear, motivated by fear to control us, motivated by things that we read on the internet, motivated by things that we don’t even believe in but everyone’s doing it so I should try to do it. That’s how we’re living right now. This is why it’s so important to be grounded. This is why emotions play such an important role. I’m talking about emotions and yoga and meditation. Let me tell you I have at this point in my life 6 vipasana teachers who have cancer who I’m treating and for me I’m like oh why you got it right emotionally and all of that stuff but they’ve not taken care of the physical body so it doesn’t matter whether you’re doing vipasana for 45 days or you’re living spiritual cancer on the world that’s great. But you have to take care of your physical self as well. if you want to heal, if you want to prevent you have to keep the mind and your emotions in the equation of healing.

We have something called physical tension. It’s in our muscle. It’s in our body. We feel that pain. Then you have emotional tension and emotional tension is unhappiness, happiness, jealousy, envy, pride, and inability to forgive, unforgiveness; that’s emotional tension. We cannot be in harmony when we have an emotional tension and we amend mental tension to worry about the future worry about the past what people think of me I have so much of work finances all of that stuff; that’s a real life. The body can never be healthy if we have all these three tensions at a high magnitude. Yes we ca have all of these tensions but at a lower degree and we can be healthy. So it is so important to take these three tensions into the equation of healing because like I said you can have the best diet you can have the best doctor the best chemo or the best radiation the best b-17 the best whatever it is but alone it is not going to work for you. My patients in remission succeeded as they didn’t do any of these one or two things that people believe is going to heal cancer. They went back to the basics. They changed the way they ate. They started giving up things that caused them tension and stress. They started sleeping better and recovering and respecting their body more. They started adding a little movement not over training, a little movement in their life. They added a few key supplements which believe me is not the reason they’re in remission. It possibly supported them to remission. They took a little selenium or they took a little bit of zinc or some people took curcumene, some people Nigella, some people took coconut oil; alone that didn’t help them. It’s what they did holistically. They embraced their condition. They accepted it and then they began to look for alternatives that become stronger than what was in their body. They didn’t fight it like people say fight your disease, fight cancer. The very nature of fighting is negative. When you fight there’s going to be a winner and a loser and usually we humans will be the loser. So we embrace and we change the energy in our body when we fight there’s bitterness, there’s aggression, there’s all of that stuff. We believe it’s that spirit to fight. Oh your spirit can also be strong when you embrace. It is so important that you put these things in place.

Look holistically at any disease you have. If the pill is keeping you healthy on paper it does not mean you’re healthy. It may be enough for you to believe that all fine there are more important things in my life right now so let the pill keep me healthy on paper. That’s fine. That’s your decision, you made it. Be responsible for the consequences if they ever come. I should also tell you today we live in the fear that obesity means cancer. I know so many people who obese and they have better medical records and they’re disease-free compared to some of the models and some of the people who are Size Zero figures so don’t be in that trap. If you have excess weight if you have excess belly fat you’re obese but if you’re happy in your mind believe me that’s more powerful than having a thin body and an unhappy mind. I know so many people out there who don’t get it right they don’t fit the fit bill, the fit bill that communities and social circles revolve around today. It doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy I can’t tell you how many people out there with fit bodies are depressed unhappy emotionally secure. You wouldn’t want to have their lives. Yep you have a little bit of weight to lose, don’t let it round you down to the ground. You know you got to get rid of it. Do the things that you have to and lose that weight. You have a disease right now it comes with a lot of fear. The first thing that you got to do is understand the disease. Understand your options. Do not put all of your health responsibilities in the hands of any doctor and nutritionist. Yes they will help you, they will coach you but you are still responsible for your own body and for your own life. Assume responsibility and take responsibility. What I see and what I despise in people who are sick doing is I got the best doctor fix me, I got the best nutritionist fix me. Sorry we can empower your body to get there, the best oncologist can empower your body to get there but you still own responsibility for your own body and when you embrace that when you start changing the way you eat, the way you move, the way you sleep, the way you think, you start aiming for harmony in your life, I can promise you, you have the possibility to heal.

Like I said there is no magic pill. It is everything. One of you out there may say that oh I need this right now. Lemon water alone is not going to take away your cancer. Sodium bicarbonate alone is not going to take away your cancer. Sitting in your temple or your church and praying whole day is no going to take away your cancer. You got to do a little bit of everything that you see is a gap in your life not that someone else is going to fill in the gap. I can’t come in your gap, in your life and say oh you’re going to lose a little bit and then you know your insulin levels are going to be fine and then we can look at building your immunity. You see the gap in your body, you decide to fill that gap and then take the expertise and the health from any expert or yourself to fill that gap and you heal. That’ll only happen when you take responsibility for your health. That’ll only happen when you have faith in the human body which is your temple. Your human body enables you to be who you are be who you were. Be who you want to be. You’re successful whoever you are; it is your body that has got you to that point. A little bit that you can do is have faith that it can heal you and not go by a diagnosis or a category of first stage, second stage, third stage, a fourth stage. Those are medical protocols to mark the progression of the disease. It doesn’t mean you’ve got to die at fourth stage. There are people who die in first stage and not even up to cancer because of the side effects of a treatment because of something else because of their diabetes, because of kidney failure. So only when we start to look and rise over the horizon of our fear and start looking at hey listen if all this is right, nutrition all of these things why are people getting sicker, why are cancers coming back? Something is wrong. What is wrong and it’s an approach. It’s a limitation because of fear. It’s our attachment to everything that we’ve created materialistic or whatever it is in the world. Now we’ve done it. We’re humans. All of us have done it. Now we have that choice to decide do we want to find balance or do we want to be on extreme sides of living life.

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