Understanding Eczema And How To Handle It Naturally

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Understanding Eczema And How To Handle It Naturally

Eczema is a skin condition which denotes that there’s inflammation in the human body. The red patch of skin like little red dots is called vesicles or pustules. These little vesicles are nothing but inflamed skin. It carries a lot of heat and toxins. Sometimes these vesicles basically break and there is an odourless or a colourless liquid that oozes out making the surface of where the eczema is moist and that leads to a bacterial growth or bacterial infection. This condition is very scratchy and causes a lot of irritation making the person who has it to scratch it more and more further breaking the skin and leading to more infection.

What causes Eczema?

There are two main triggers of eczema. Allergies and toxins in human body. Almost every disease is caused by the accumulation of toxins or morbid matter which is stored in the body and is unable to come out.

The most common allergies that can trigger off eczema can range from the cow’s milk to white sugar, eggs, peanuts, chicken and potato. These are some of the triggers that can create allergies which results in the human body or the skin producing eczema. The second main cause is toxicity in the human body. We have to understand that your rectum excretes waste. If that is blocked you have the accumulation of toxins in the human body. If your skin pores are blocked, you are unable to sweat or pass out toxins from your skin which is the largest eliminatory organ of the human body. You have skin issues and again you have accumulation of toxins. Likewise your bladder has the job of passing out urine which is nothing but toxic waste from the body and then you have your lungs, liver, kidney. These are the eliminatory organs of the human body. If anyone of these eliminatory organs is blocked it results in accumulation of toxins and now the human body is not designed to keep toxins in.

So it needs to eject those toxins. So it comes out in the form of pimples or acne or boils or cirrhosis or something like eczema. The more serious cases of  toxic waste in the body can even cause an imbalance in your cells which can lead to a mutation or can lead to corruption of your DNA which further causes more serious diseases like cancer. so toxic waste is one of the main issues when it comes to eczema.

How do you reduce toxins?

Increase your fruit and raw vegetable intake because they have a naturally detoxifying ability in the human body. They have live enzymes which have the ability to clean out toxins from your body. The moment you reduce your toxins by even one percent you will find there is an improvement in the eczema condition.

What are the best foods to detoxify?

All fruits and raw vegetables particularly carrot juice has the ability to reduce your eczema by pushing out toxins from your liver and other parts of your body. So carrot juice, raw spinach or lightly steamed spinach has a highly detoxifying effect when it comes to reducing toxins in cases of eczema. One of the best fruits when it comes to eczema is musk melon and any berry from the berry family be it strawberry, blueberry, berries or all fruits in the berry family.

Cook you food in coconut oil for a couple of weeks. Reduce dairy completely as it has a direct impact on eczema as in dairy most cases today produce light allergens and children and adults could be one of the main triggers.

Sprouts are the most nutrient-dense foods available on this planet and especially when it comes to eczema sprouting moong or the green doll or sprouting alfalfa, this is something that you can do in your own home. Just get alfalfa and soak it in water and it sprouts and likewise at moong, you sprout moong and you either cook this into a vegetable or you grind it into a flour which you can add to your rotis or you can add to your daily food but getting sprouts into your kids diet, on to your diet will have a direct impact on your eczema condition.

We should avoid caffeine in all forms because when we ingest caffeine it wipes out a couple of our B vitamins like be one  B 2 and B 5 which basically has the role of the production of nutrition and nutrients that can protect your skin so sometimes reducing or getting off caffeine has a direct correlation in improving your eczema condition

We should also avoid sugars and junk food because when you are over consuming it, it reduces the amount of nutrition that reaches your cells. Instead we should look at adding more raw juices, raw vegetables, raw fruits to our diet and sometimes in extreme cases of eczema even going on a fruit diet for a day will actually clean you and you will see a difference in your eczema.

If you already have eczema one of the best treatments is coconut oil. Get a good cold pressed coconut oil and apply on the area which is affected. To take it a step further what really well works is taking a bowl of coconut oil and adding pink salt to it and then taking that pink salt and a towel and lightly dabbing the affected area. Do not rub it because the salt crystals may break the skin further but the minerals from the pink salt and the oil have the ability to be absorbed into the infected area of your skin and it is absolutely therapeutic. Getting sunlight early in the morning has a therapeutic effect on eczema as it has the ability to kill bacteria which exists in eczema and it raises your vitamin D levels which is a precursor to immunity and has a direct impact in fighting eczema.

Take a cold compress. When you have eczema and you have that patch of skin which doesn’t seem to be going away with no matter whatever you do, take a cold compress. Take a slightly thick cloth and soak it in ice cold water and then dab it on the eczema area of your skin and keep it for at least 10 to 15 minutes and then change it again. You do this twice. After 15 minutes you can even tie that whole cloth around the area of your skin so it remains on that skin for a longer period of time and that will give you immediate relief. It will bring out some of the irritation so you might find it getting a little more itchy and a little bit more scratchy but that’s not a sign for you to stop it’s a sign for you to actually continue.

A lot of the remedies mentioned above will actually make the condition a little more pronounced and worse, before it gets better because you need to understand that when something’s getting better your body will start throwing more of it out. So the cold compress is something that can give you immediate relief and can actually repair that area where you have the Eczema

At places like Dubai in the Middle East when a lot of heat is retained at night depending on the bed clothes that we use or we put the air-condition full and we sleep on the layers of blankets to keep us warm, we are not allowing heat to come out from your body. Eczema is nothing but a condition which is trying to eject heat and eject toxins. So those areas of the skin have to be more exposed and more free. So for people in the Gulf I strongly suggest to keep your air conditioner as well but try not to cover your areas with clothing and with blankets The skin has to breathe in order for it to heal.

Pranayama also has a direct and positive impact on your skin because again it’s oxygen. When we train our lungs to breathe the right way, we enable oxygen which is the vital force to reach all of your cells; healthy cells and the damaged cells as well.

Also highly stressed people and children tend to get eczema and sometimes by only changing that emotion it tends to go away because feelings and emotions especially stress has a great impact on this condition. So it is important in holistic healing that you also see what’s going on in your head and what’s going on in your heart.

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