Precautions while taking Antibiotics

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Precautions while taking Antibiotics

I see patients every single day and almost 90-95% of them are taking antibiotics the wrong way. I’m not against antibiotics. Sometimes they can save you from a life-threatening disease and in most cases it can add to the quality of our life, but only when it’s not used the wrong way.

The problem in antibiotics is today many people are taking it without supplementing it the right way. If you take an antibiotic, you also need to be prescribed a probiotic and a b-complex. You can get a b-complex and a probiotic over the counter. It’s usually mandatory for any health professional to tell you that you need to take a probiotic and a b-complex vitamin along with an antibiotic.

When we understand how these things work then we remember to do it the next time or we remember to remind our health professionals that we need to do this when we take antibiotics. 

How Antibiotics Work
Antibiotics work on bacteria. So taking an antibiotic for most viral infections is just useless. When we take an antibiotic it wipes out a lot of good bacteria from your gut. The health of your gut is extremely important as 75-80% of your immunity and your health starts in your gut which houses colonies of trillions of bacteria good and bad. When you take an antibiotic, you’re constantly flushing out good bacteria. You need to replenish it. You also flush out a lot of your B vitamins which is why sometimes you get diarrhoea or loose motions when you take antibiotics because they flush out B vitamins which help you to have the right kind of stools.  So the next time you’re taking an antibiotic make sure you take a probiotic and make sure that you take a b-complex as well.

In case of a child if he is required to take an antibiotic course for five days which is a broad spectrum antibiotic it wipes out almost one-third of the child’s good bacteria which means the child is then going to have low immunity and can develop allergies and skin problems and just any complication that comes along with low immunity and it’s the same for an adult. When we’re on medication we also need to look at good solid nutrition and good solid rest because remember your body heals and recovers and your cells heal and recover while you sleep.

So you need a good probiotic and you need a big good B complex; remember to ask for that and get your health professional forgets to mention that because too many people are taking antibiotics and the side effects are massive when you’re taking antibiotics.

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