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curry leaves magic herb benefits

Have You Added This Magic Herb To Your Meals?

From dals and sabzis to chutneys and salads, this Indian superfood is found in various preparations. Most of you have probably been eating daily. If you don’t, but want to start eating this superfood, you can add it to your lifestyle starting today. It is easily available in any part of the world. You...

How to Relieve Acidity? Causes, Symptoms, Home Remedies and Concoctions

Have you experienced a severe burning sensation in your chest right after a meal? Or slept at night to feel food rise back up your throat and leave a rancid or sour taste in your mouth? What you are experiencing is acid reflux or acidity. It’s also called acid regurgitation or gastroesophageal reflux. Acid...


Can Ulcerative Colitis Be Reversed?

Ulcerative Colitis (UC) is a condition that was unheard of a couple of decades ago. But today, it plagues millions of people, from teenagers and young adults to even senior citizens. Many live with the condition for years. If there is one learning we have had from years of working on UC cases, it...


10 Benefits of Raw Potato Juice You Need to Check Out Now

Potatoes, aloo, batata - many names, but one emotion. Pure love. Who does not love potatoes? From sabzis, curries, and dum biryanis to snacks, mashes, and even salads, the humble potato is loved and adored by people around India and the globe in its various forms. But today, we want to draw your attention...

Why are my ears ringing? It could be Tinnitus.

Do your ears ring without a sound? Here’s why and what to do What is Tinnitus, and what are its Statistics? The meaning of the word tinnire is “to ring”. It is the condition that causes ringing in the ears, or abnormal sounds and sensations. The definition of tinnitus is “the perception of noise or ringing in the...


Probiotics are a Must if You are on Antibiotics

Your gut requires both good and bad bacteria. But what's more important is the ratio. You need a ratio of more of the good bacteria and less of the bad bacteria. Antibiotics can wipe out your entire gut bacteria or your micro biome and that in turn impacts your immunity. 75 to 80 percent...


Precautions while taking Antibiotics

I see patients every single day and almost 90-95% of them are taking antibiotics the wrong way. I’m not against antibiotics. Sometimes they can save you from a life-threatening disease and in most cases it can add to the quality of our life, but only when it's not used the wrong way. (more…)