The Art Of Drinking Water

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The Art Of Drinking Water

There’s art of eating and there’s also the art of drinking water. Human bodies are built up of 70 to 80 billion cells and 75 to 80 percent of these cells live are made up of water. They require water for metabolic activity, for a strong immunity, for weight loss, for cellular function. And the way that we drink water is extremely important. There is an art of drinking water.

Sit and Sip Your Water Slowly
When you sip your water, your water mixes with your saliva. Now your saliva is highly alkaline in nature and your stomach is acidic in nature for all the right reasons because your stomach requires a certain amount of acid to digest food, but the problem is, when too much of acid is produced to digest excessive food or bad quality food. So we want saliva to get into a stomach so that the alkaline effect of saliva can stabilize excess acid in the stomach. So one way of getting that saliva from your mouth to your stomach is through the way that you drink water. When you sit and you sip your water slowly and carry saliva from your mouth into your stomach, it stabilizes the acid.

Pre & Post Meal Water Drinking
Have a glass of water 15 to 30 minutes before your meal 15 to 30 minutes after your meal and preferably lukewarm or room temperature water. Now if you must drink water while you’re eating your meals it should just be like a sprinkle of water into your stomach. You don’t have to drink too much of water or large sips in your meal because there should be enough space in your stomach for digestive activity. Also too much of water will dilute your digestive acids which in turn will again affect digestion.

Drink when you are thirsty. Don’t wait to get too thirsty.
The human body has a defence mechanism and a warning mechanism. It tells us when we’re hungry. If we really listen to our body it also tells us when we’re thirsty. So we listen to our body and we drink water. Now if you are in an air-conditioned environment you need to be a little bit careful because sometimes you may not get that signal because of the air temperature that you are thirsty and you could dehydrate. So you have two other indicators, if your lips tend to get dry quickly it could mean that you are on low levels of water and you need to hydrate immediately and the second tip is again looking at the colour of your urine. When your urine is a pale white crystal white or pale straw yellow it means you have sufficient water in your body. But do note that certain medications and certain vitamins like vitamin C can make your urine extremely dark so use these indicators as well as listening to your body first you know those signals throughout today and drink that amount of water accordingly. 

Never Chug
When you chug water through your system you drink it really quickly most of it just passes out of your system. What we want for good cellular metabolism and good cellular energy and activity is for that water to be absorbed into your cells so when you sip your water slowly you allow for it to get absorbed into yourself.  When you chug it down real quick most of it passes through your system and you get thirsty very quickly again. When you sip water slowly you’ll find that you don’t need too much of water like you know the conventional advice of three litres or three-and-a-half litres or a two-and-a-half litres. It’s really dependent on your lifestyle the way you sip your water and the kind of food that you eat. When you have a diet that’s rich in fruits and vegetables, fruits and raw vegetables are high in water content you also get water from those mediums as well. At the same time when you drink too much of tea and coffee these are diuretics in the body. It flushes out excess water and vitamins from your body. So for every glass of coffee you have to have two glasses of water to replenish, you know the excess water that’s flushed out. Glasses of water before having a bath that can also help you lower your blood pressure in the body so that’s extremely important.

Sipping to Lose Weight
Using water to lose weight is to sip your water slowly like i mentioned above because when you slip it slowly you allow digestion to ease and you allow digestion to be enhanced and you allow your body to use the right amount of energy for digestion. Today most of our digestive systems rob energy from our body to digest all the food that we eat the excess food we eat and especially when we eat it the wrong way. So when you can minimize the energy spent on digestion and you can enhance your digestion by sipping your water slowly you can sip yourself to some amount of weight loss as well.

So like there’s an art of eating well there is also an art of drinking water well. Today most of us including myself is used to take the bottle and chugging in water. But let’s try to sip if we can and slowly. If we don’t have the opportunities to sit at that point stand up but sip your water slowly try to get it mixed with saliva into your stomach and see how that bloating and flatulence and indigestion improves.

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