Social Media And Mental Health

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Social Media And Mental Health

Social media is a boon and a curse. It really depends on what you are using it for, how you use it and how much you use it. Many people spiral into depression and sadness when they think their lives and what they have and how they are living is inadequate compared to the lives they see on social media.

You can use social media to learn, inspire, share, educate etc, and then you can use it to feel good about yourself or get locked into watching the lives of other people.

Things you should remember when you are on social media –

  • Everything you see does not have to be real. The lives of most people appear like they have done well, but a lot of them are living off parents’ wealth, living in homes of their parents, flaunting clothes, jewellery, cars, etc that don’t really belong to them.
  • A lot of people own material things on loan, which in a way is not really theirs until they pay off the loan. It’s easy to take loans and show the world a life that is not real.
  • A lot of people search for validation on social media, and that’s the worst place to get validation from. It is a virtual world. You need to connect with reality for your living and unfortunately most of the virtual world is nowhere close to the real world.
  • Many holidays, material things, etc that you see being flaunted on social media are sponsored or free gifts and not really earned, so know that as well.
  • Then of course you have apps that can make you think, lean, strong, skinny, muscular, fake abs, butts, lips, boobs etc and you see this in awe and then look at yourself and immediately feel inadequate.
  • Understand the power of light and photography and how it can make body and body parts look different from real life and don’t get sucked into that lie.
  • If you need to look to social media for constant advice on how to dress, how to date, whom to date, sex etc, your life is pretty shallow and you need to really work at less social media time and more time figuring out and being you, living the real you, using wisdom, instinct etc.
  • If you constantly have to refer to social media all the time to validate every part of your life, you are empty, you don’t have a mind of your own and you need fewer social media time and more time healing and being you
  • A lot of people have fake lives. Be careful of all the people who teach you ways to hack certain parts of your lives. These are lies. Certain or actually almost all aspects of your life need self-discipline, consistency and there are no short cuts. THERE ARE NO SHORT CUTS.
  • A lot of fad spirituality shows us that we need to give up on life and move to the mountains to find peace and happiness. It can work, but it’s not the only way. The kingdom of heaven is within you and you should be able to be spiritually grounded amidst chaos and life.
  • Before you start your day with social media sit back and reflect on why you are on it or why you are going to spend time on it. Enter it with a mission, be it to learn, share, inspire, motivate, pass time or is it because it’s going to fill some void in you? Know this, be mindful.
  • Be aware of people who promise you quick money-making schemes. If they really worked or were sustainable everyone would be doing it. But everyone isn’t, so be mindful about this.
  • Always remember to have a mind of your own and use your own common sense, wisdom, intuition and instinct. Social media is full of people’s opinions, including mine, but have a mind of your own, take what you need, leave what you don’t need. Everyone is different and what worked for someone doesn’t have to work for you.

Social media allows people to be expressive in a virtual world. It is also important to be expressive in your real world but it’s easier when it’s virtual. Don’t get confused. Be you on and off social media. Don’t become lost in the facade you create for the virtual world.

In short, most of the answers we are looking for when it comes to life, living, spirituality, will be found while living your life, your real life with consciousness and awareness. So, keep social media in balance and use it well.

  • Luke Coutinho

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