This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Hate Your Job.

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unhappy at work

This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Hate Your Job.

Hate your job ? Well, this can actually take a toll on your health. Working a job that you hate, how it impacts your health and your life and what can you do.. we will look at some of these in this post. 

So many people, mainly sick – physically or emotionally drained turn up as my clients with diabetes, cancer, weight issues, looking older than they are supposed to, high blood pressure, depression etc….

I like spending time diagnosing and breaking it down, because we work with addressing the root causes of the symptoms and when we do that, I can’t tell you for how many people out there, their root cause to most, if not all of their problems stems from being unhappy at work.

Our outside environment directly influences our internal environment which is our health. Think about it this way – maybe you are supposed to work 9 hours a day, but in most cases, more hours are squeezed out of you because that’s how the corporate life works. So, let’s say, you spend roughly 12- 13 hours at work, in a place you hate and that makes you feel negative. That’s almost half of your day in a negative environment and that is 100% having a negative impact on your health, be it physical, emotional or mental.

I had a patient who only got pain in her pelvic region at 2:30 pm on Mondays. After carful diagnosis, we brought it down to what happens at that time and guess what? It’s her weekly review with her manager who she hates and detests. The pain lasts till the next day and then disappears. She looked for medication, physiotherapy, etc, but nothing worked. Two months ago, she had taken a week’s leave to Goa and I learnt that her pain didn’t even come up.

There are thousands of people working a job they hate and that’s impacting their health. The easy excuse is that we have to do it, it pays the bills, etc. I respect and know that many will never be able to change their jobs for their own reasons. For such people, I strongly advice that if they are sure they cannot change their jobs then they must make the most of it by at least changing their attitudes towards work. If they need to spend 12-14 hours at work, then they might as well accept and make the most out of it.

But for everyone else, the best thing you could ever do in life is following your passion and making a living out of it.

Most of us are too scared to make that move because of peer pressure, fear, fear of failure, insecurity, stuck in our comfort zone, inadequate experience or skills to make that decision. Most people need to make that decision or put their energy into finding out what they truly love and are passionate about and then with grit and determination, make the decision. You will spend a lifetime working, spoiling your health in an organization that you hate, making money for them and then spending all your hard-earned money on your health.

Meditate on this. Your life can be better if you have a dream and a passion. You need to have the strength to know that it will require grit, discipline, sacrifice to make it work. So, take the leap, give it your all and live your life.

If you feel stuck in your work then at least change your attitude. Make the most of it, suck it up and move on with what you can do. Being bitter, negative and full of hatred will only make your workplace more negative and depressing for you.

That’s why we need to meditate to align and connect with ourselves so we make the right decisions of our life path. When we have numbed ourselves with shallow socializing, drugs and alcohol abuse, we cannot be connected and thus react to life and get thrown in its spiral, never knowing we all have the possibility of creating a better world inside of us and outside.

– Luke Coutinho

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