This Syndrome Is Affecting Millions Beware!

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Knowledge Action Syndrome

This Syndrome Is Affecting Millions Beware!

You have gotten yourself enrolled for the best diet program, taken a gym membership as well, signed up for a chanting class, purchased a couple of self-help books and shopped for some yoga tees for motivation too. But, where is the action?

We live in a world where we have an overload of information. The best foods for weight loss, immunity, a six-pack and so on are all available at the click of a button today, but if it was as easy as that, then there should not have been as much sickness as there is today. The bitter truth is, we have everything today to maintain our health, happiness and peace. What we truly lack is ACTION. We talk about making a change in our lifestyle, but the question is, are we?

What is the Knowledge-Action Syndrome?

Knowledge without action is just knowledge and is useless. This is called Knowledge-Action Syndrome and is affecting millions of people across the globe including children, adults, teenagers, seniors and everyone else in their attempts to improve their health, relationships, careers, depression, weight gain, disease, feelings of low self-worth and many more. It is even causing emotional diseases and poor spirituality paths.

It simply means that all of us know what to do, but we simply do not take any action to do it. This is the bitter and ugly truth, which we never accept and find it rather easier to blame our healthcare experts, nutritionists and doctors for not being able to fix us.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, your body is trying to tell you to make lifestyle changes. Instead of blaming and complaining, start executing! Less talk and more action is the way to success. We all know the importance of sleep, but how many of us make efforts to include bedtime rituals?

When I consult clients for weight loss, I ask them, what are the three things that are preventing them from losing weight?  Majority of them know their obstacles and addressing them is the only way to get them on a path to lose weight. They just could not achieve it because they lacked action.

Do self -help books work?

So many people hide behind self-help and spiritual books, run to mountains and attend retreats, isolate themselves in hopes of finding the meaning of life or their purpose. Most of these people accumulate knowledge, but have zero discipline and consistency in implementing or practising what they learn. If a spiritual book is teaching us how to be a compassionate and kind person, but we do not implement and practice it, then the wisdom only remains in that book.

We can move from one yoga class to another, one chanting class to another, take classes on improving our posture and so on, but if we do not allow the teachings to slip into our daily lives, it is a waste of our money, time and effort.

People generally like to brag about what they read and understood from spiritual masters and books. It is great to have all of that exposure, but knowledge without action is useless. It just stays knowledge and no one benefits from it.

What stops you from making a change?

  1. Not owning responsibility and putting it on others.
  2. Being in victim mode and finding faults in others.
  3. Not trusting you and giving up too soon.
  4. Laziness and sloth.
  5. Desperation to see results and then giving up if progress is not observed.
  6. Over targeting and setting unrealistic goals.


So, the bottom line is:


There are two kinds of people:

  1. People who read books on health, self-help, spirituality, but do nothing about it. These kinds of people stay the same before and after reading the book.
  2. People who consume content, use it and transform their health, fitness and life.

The latter are the winners! You will find success by practising what you learn every day, by implementing the change you decide, and not in reading book after book, viewing video after video and attending class after class. Live with mindfulness and awareness through all the struggles, pains, and ups and downs. You will find success with effort and not by running away from it.


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