Travel Tips for Moms-to-be

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Travel tips for moms-to-be

Travel Tips for Moms-to-be

“Ain’t Nobody Happy if Mama Ain’t Happy”

Heard this one before? Well, this definitely holds true when travelling during pregnancy, as it is that time when a mom-to-be can feel tired or overwhelmed about it the most. Put your worries aside, and enjoy your babymoon with these tips that will ensure happy travel.

Before you travel:

This is when you have to do most of your planning to ensure the trip goes smoothly.

  • Step one is to inform your doctor about your travel plans, even if your pregnancy is healthy. Check with them, if it is safe for you to travel, and when the best time for you to travel is.

When they are aware of your travel plans, they can make you alert about any signs or symptoms that may need medical help right away while you are travelling like,

  • Experiencing contractions
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • If your water breaks in a large gush or a continuous trickle
  • Severe vomiting/diarrhoea/headaches
  • You may also need to rearrange your prenatal care visits, so that you do not miss any while you are away, and once you get a green signal from your doctor, you are all set to plan.
  • Decide your destination wisely. Doing your research could help you find a destination with better weather and facilities. Avoid destinations with extreme temperatures, or places that are far away from you. These spots may require a long travel time, and it can get tiring, as prolonged sitting can cause swelling in your legs. You may even avoid travel spots that are at high altitudes.

Another point in choosing your destination is; where everything is available at your door-step, and where you can get all medical facilities in case of any emergency. Pick up a hotel in the city center or nearby, so you can be sure of all the medical facilities near your stay location/hotel.

  • Be mindful while packing your luggage. The less you carry, the easier it will be. Choose wisely. Pack clothes that will be comfortable and can mix- match; add on a jacket or a cardigan or a shawl that can be easily put on, or taken off because your body may not regulate its temperature as usual when you are pregnant. You may feel extra sensitive to low or high temperatures.
  • Give priority to essential items while packing – a first aid kit, your medicine, and supplements. Include some powerful foods which will help you heal in case of any minor symptoms like,
  • Ginger/dry ginger powder helps in combating nausea, cardamom, or ajwain-jeera-saunf mixture that will help with any digestive issues while travelling and eating out.
  • If you have bleeding gums, ensure you are carrying a soft brush and toothpaste meant for sensitive teeth.
  • Add wet wipes, sanitizers, pillows, panty liners, and socks. Make a place for plenty of home-made healthy snacks like energy bars, roasted makhanas, nuts, and seeds. Some non-essential items can be purchased, or found at your destination. Do not miss out on carrying a copy of your medical records and travel health insurance.
  • Mode of transport: You can choose to travel by air or road, the sea as per your health condition, and your doctor’s approval. When you are booking this, ensure you have studied all the specific guidelines and restrictions for pregnant women. There is a change in blood circulation during pregnancy, because of the hormones and weight gain that can lead to dehydration, nausea, fatigue, cramping, and restless leg syndrome; understanding the remedy for all these beforehand can put your anxiety to rest.

If you decide to fly, choose an aisle seat because you certainly need to visit the restroom, and stretch your legs during the flight.  If you are going to travel by road, buckle your seat-belt low on your hipbones, and limit your travel time with many stops to stretch your legs. Flex your leg muscles even while you’re seated.

Off you go!

The theme of this babymoon is relaxation, so, take things slow. You are growing a baby within you; your energy levels pre-pregnancy and now are not the same. Feel free to ask for help at any point needed. Take care of the precautions while you are out-doors. Keep your hands clean and sanitized. Wear a mask always. Make sure you leave home on time to avoid any rush.

  • Check-in online to avoid all counter procedures. You will not worry about passing security, and reaching the final gate if you are well in time (Scans are safe for all passengers nowadays; if you are worried about passing through the full-body scanner, you may take your doctor’s opinion on this).
  • Pregnancy and frequent bathroom visits sound synonymous; stay prepared by practicing Kegel exercises from the beginning of your pregnancy. However, while travelling, we can further limit this by cutting down on diuretics like green tea/coffee/parsley /coriander/ water-rich vegetables, and fruits. Apart from this, try to empty your bladder well every time you go to pee.
  • Maintain good hygiene when you are using public washrooms. Most public bathrooms now keep sanitizer sprays/foam wash / disposable seat covers that are quite convenient to use and help take care of any probable infections. If you have any planned stops during your travel, where such hygiene facilities will not be available, please use wet wipes to clean the toilet seat before you use it. You can use panty liners to avoid any uncomfortable situation that can come across when you are just coughing or laughing, and enjoying your journey. That should not give us any reason to avoid water or fluids, as it may lead to dehydration. You still have to ensure you are drinking adequate water.  The colour of your urine is the best indicator of your hydration levels.

On reaching your destination:

Give yourself enough rest and listen to your body. Invest time in deep breathing and short leisure walks, book a prenatal ‘mommy-to-be’ massage. Soak in the beautiful scenery and calm weather before the baby swoops in! Make it a perfect time for you and your partner.

Having a baby is intensely life-changing; while on your babymoon, you will be able to stop for a while, and enjoy this experience together. The stress and anxiety melt away while experiencing everything. Being pregnant adds a new layer of excitement to it. So even if travelling with a pregnant belly can sound daunting, know that you can take that leap if you need to!

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