Do’s And Don’ts For A Safer Pregnancy

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Do’s And Don’ts For A Safer Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful and memorable journey of a woman’s life. Yes, you read it right. It is a journey; a nine-month-long journey. It could be a smooth road with or without a rough patch. During this journey, you learn and unlearn a lot of things. Your perception may change and so do your habits.

This is a beautiful time where you can discover and follow new practices. Let us see what they can be:

  1. Inculcate good habits

During pregnancy, you do not want to cause any harm to the baby growing inside, and thus, you and your family should take the utmost care of everything. This is the best time to re-inculcate good habits (or the long lost good habits) in you. This could include sleeping on time, drinking water while sitting, and practicing deep breathing and meditation.


  1. Get rid of addictions

Alcohol and smoking are very common these days and so is the increasing number of cups of tea and coffee. Are these good for you? Especially when you are pregnant? Have you ever thought about this? No, they aren’t. This is the best time to say goodbye to these addictions. The nine months and the postnatal care period (six months) give you enough time to work on yourself.


  1. Look after yourself

Usually, you tend to spend more time pampering the family and tending to them. This is the only time when you start understanding your mental and physical health. You become more aware of your body and soul. This is the time you need to pamper and take care of yourself.


  1. Accept all the love and pampering

We all like to be loved and pampered by our dear ones. But, this becomes a little difficult when everyone showers it at the same time. It feels like an overdose of love and affection. However, accepting these gestures is very important and necessary during your pregnancy. Enjoy all the love and pampering you receive.


  1. Conduct pre-natal photoshoots

We are sure you will look forward to and enjoy these prenatal photo shoots. After all, these photos will depict your nine-month-long journey. It is not necessary that you conduct this photoshoot only during the 9th month. You can start them from the moment you know that you are pregnant.  (Note : We do not encourage anyone to step outside their homes for this till the lockdown for your safety.)


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