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If there is one lifestyle change that we have experienced working very well with our clients over the last few months, is aligning with nature and it’s cycles. We may have the best food plans, exercise regimes, yoga classes, and everything else, but for this to work effectively – the timing plays a huge role. 

Our bodies are made up of multiple clocks, that operate with darkness and light and various bodily functions work in alignment with this. However some of our modern ways of living don’t quite match up with our natural clocks and hence we have so much of sickness today. In fact, science is showing us today how disruption of our circadian rhythm has everything to do with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, thyroid problems, obesity, weight gain and everything else. So just imagine, if the disruption is creating that many problems, what would happen if we start living our lives in harmony with the circadian rhythm? There are a number of habits that can help us live in sync with nature and it’s rhythm and when we follow that, we honour our bodies natural schedule, which can help with sleep, mood, disease prevention and more. 

In that regard, we have come up with a free downloaded pdf  called – A New Way of Living, which is a simple read on why you should be aligning your lifestyle according to nature and its rhythms and how a perfect circadian day should look like for you.  

Whether you are looking at improving your diabetes, cardiovascular disease, end of life and sent home for palliative care or simply looking at prevention or improving every sphere of your life, what’s shared in this document is the way to go about achieving anything you want in life. This way of living is going to align you with the laws of nature and respect it, without having to compromise on fun, socialising or entertainment time. You can still socialise, eat what you want but in a smart way. Half of the things we try to do in order to attain good health and great bodies may not be even required with this way of living, because this covers everything. All we need to do is understand how it works and change your mindset. Times may have changed, but our bodies and the way it functions remains the same. The fundamentals and principles of nature haven’t changed and never will. There is no point challenging these laws, just because we have advanced in terms of status, technology, power and so on. 

Download for free, read, practice and apply it. Share with your family members and friends. It has worked for thousands of people, including our clients across the globe and will continue to. Such is the intelligence of your body and nature. Good Luck. 

Download PDF: Circadian Rhythm


Luke Coutinho

My name is Luke Coutinho. I am neither a God nor a Guru. I am not a healer or a doctor or a cult leader. I am Luke Coutinho and I practice in the field of Integrative Lifestyle Medicine and Life Coaching. When one hears the word “medicine”, one immediately thinks of the pharmaceutical world, allopathy, chemotherapy, radiation, antibiotics and other drugs used by conventional doctors and medicine. I am not a practitioner of Alternative Medicine either.

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