End of life? No, unless you want to believe it!

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Hope for end of life

End of life? No, unless you want to believe it!

Here is a protocol for possible recovery, miracles, and healing.

If all treatments and medicines can no longer help you, try this. It is powerful and free. You have nothing to lose.

I am not against medicine. It can save lives. But, what happens when medicines no longer work, and you are sent home to die, because the medical world has run out of options, which is no one’s fault? It is called beyond medicine, and sadly we should never have to reach that point, where medication does not work anymore, and we start exploring what else we can do.

What I am sharing with you today is not my invention. It has existed for decades, but rarely ever used until someone has no options left, and even then, it is rarely used because most people do not have faith, and want to believe that since medicines or treatments work do not work anymore, it is a death sentence. It becomes the final verdict of your life that only medicines could work, and nothing beyond that.

Well, if that was true, there would be no cancer survivors, brain tumour survivors, and other deadly disease survivors. But there are! Hundreds and thousands of them live amongst us today, who have come out of their prescribed “death sentence”, and live beautiful lives. It shows us possibilities of recovery, miracles, healing, whatever it is you may want to call it.

Right now, let me tell you there are no magic drugs, mushrooms, diets, superfoods, vaccinations, or oils that will be the sole reason for your recovery, and it is plain fraud for someone to offer you these options, and raise your hopes by telling you that each of those, or one of them will take away your cancer. But, if someone tells you that beyond medicine consists of prayer, faith, belief, nature, oxygen, the right food, movement, deep sleep, emotional wellness, emotional detox, and every other thing that medicine fails to add to its protocol of treatment, then there is hope, or things that can be done to make the condition better hopefully. But as they say, if your time has come, it is written, it is your destiny to leave this body, and then nothing will work. The question is how will we ever know or guess which one it is? So, we choose to believe, and we choose to try, no matter what the survival rates are. No matter what the most qualified person says; no matter what the books and statistics say, because remember, humans are not numbers, humans are humans, and no one is God or a greater power to decide life and death for anyone.

If you are that person at home, and is sent to die peacefully, because there are no options left, you lose nothing to try what I am about to share, unless of course, your health does not support it.

Put your fear on the back burner, and try to follow this by making an informed decision and in the safest possible way for you. Is it a guarantee that it will work? I do not know. Maybe, maybe not! But it is the body’s most powerful healing mechanism that we rarely use.

Here are my points:

  1. Fasting – Dry or Wet (intermittent):

I am saying fasting, not starving. Most patients, at this point, have an extremely low appetite. Do not eat until you are truly hungry. Build on your fasting hours as long as you can, without making it a competition. Today you do 14 hours, and tomorrow you may be able to do 22 hours, and then maybe 24 hours, and then perhaps 16 hours. Drink only water during this fast, or you can do without water till you are thirsty, and then drink water and continue to fast until hungry. Allow the intelligence of your body to kick in during this fasting period, and if it does, it will be a miracle, or there will be an improvement. Build a strong mind to do this, because you believe in it. There is enough science out there showing us the benefits of fasting, but you need to start doing it, if you can and if you really want to try something to get better. Practice it smartly, personalize, and keep track of your vitals like blood pressure, and heart rate. Find what suits you, but commit to deep fasting with faith and belief. If you cannot do it, it is okay, and be okay with that too. But, if you really can, it is powerful. Also, make an informed decision based on your type of cancer and overall health.

  • Circadian Rhythm:

Healing can only happen when we live within the laws, cycles, and rhythms of nature, i.e., the circadian rhythm. I would like for you to adopt this with faith, belief, and discipline. Most medicines and diets fail, when we are out of rhythm with the laws of nature. This is what you must do.

  • Eat dinner within 45 mins of sunset, or during sunset.
  • Switch off your phones and gadgets at least 1 hour before bed.
  • Keep your bedtime between 9 – 10 pm.
  • Wake up before sunrise.
  • Look at the sky, nature, rising sun even if it is for 2 to 5 minutes.
  • Switch on your phones only after 2 hours of waking up.
  • Consume no food and water (optional) from sunset to sunrise. If you are still not hungry after sunrise, fast longer, and safely until truly hungry.
  • Maintain the same time for your meals every day (very important).
  • Express:

Express anything that is in your heart and mind, even the worst thing possible. I am saying express, not confess. Express all that locked up and blocked energy to anyone, but do it from your heart. You have nothing to lose at all. Find someone, who will just listen, and not react, talk back, interfere, or interrupt, while you express everything within you that you have suppressed. Grudges, hatred, guilt, shame, anger, and envy, whatever it is! Express it with no fear. Just like you are emptying it out! I promise you it will be the best feeling in the world, and I promise you, it can make a huge difference in your healing.

Just commit to the above protocol as much as you can and if you can keep white sugar, junk and processed foods out of your diet that is a massive added bonus.

Please try this! It may sound too simple to be true, but simplicity has always worked for the most complex problems this world has seen.

All we are trying to achieve through the above is harnessing our own body’s intelligence that has been pushed aside, and trying to align ourselves with the powerful rhythms and laws of nature. Always remember, the further we move away from nature, the sicker and more imbalanced we get. Move back and closer to nature, and the balance and rhythm can change your health.

I wish you luck, love and all the energy in the world in the hope that, if you are meant to heal, you will, and you will try everything in your control to revive the lost intelligence of a sick body. Even if you are not at this stage of disease or life, you can still do the above, and feel the immense healing and recovery that blooms within you.

  • Luke Coutinho

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