The Vitamin O Prescription

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The Vitamin O Prescription

Termed as vitamin O, oxygen is one of the most essential vitamins that we require and we cannot do without that as humans. A lot happens when we breathe the right way, our immunity gets boosted we burn more fat, because fat burns in the presence of oxygen so the next time you’re eating your meal if you increase the intake of oxygen, it’s definitely helping your body to burn fat more effectively and even digest your food and assimilating nutrients in the right way.

When you’re exercising a lot of people exercise the wrong way. They may lift very heavy weights or run long distances but they’re not breathing the right way. Oxygen is our life force. We need oxygen for every single reaction be it chemical or physical, that’s happening in the human body.

Every one of you right now pause and look how you are breathing. Are you breathing at your full capacity and the answer is – no you are not! But now take a deep breath inhale and exhale that’s the amount of oxygen all those trillion cells require to function. The more oxygen you have in those cells the healthier you are and the more you allow, your body can perform its functions the way it’s supposed to

So what’s the right way of breathing? When we’re stressed we usually tend to inhale and our chest rises. That’s the wrong way. The right way is when you inhale your tummy should rise when you exhale your tummy should deflate. That is the correct way of breathing. Yoga Pranayama talk about various ways of breathing, they are all correct and excellent. In fact if I have to write out a prescription for healing disease prevention and cure it would include yoga meditation and prayer because it’s all of our breathing and the way you inhale oxygen.

So like I said it’s vitamin o, if you’re looking at losing weight, curing acidity, digestive problems, flatulence, bloating, even balancing sugar levels in your body, there’s a way to do it.

Follow the simple exercise that I give you right now before you start your meal before you eat anything take three deep breaths inhale exhale inhale exhale you’re flooding your body in your digestive system of what it needs for this whole process and that is oxygen. Take your first spoon chew eat slowly finish your spoon get one deep breath inhale exhale and then take the next. This concept of breathing will also make you very mindful while eating.

So do this entire exercise, finish your meal, three deep breaths again and I can promise you you have eaten less than your body requires. Your cravings will come down. You probably won’t feel like having anything sweet after your meal. You will not suffer from acidity because your foods well digested as it has the medium it requires for great digestion; that’s oxygen and I can promise you even if you have ice cream your body is going to use that extra oxygen.

Make sure you include that in your lifestyle every single day that you need to be mindful. Remind yourself am i breathing when I’m in a stressful situation? I could be in a meeting i could be in a car travelling home, on a flight but you can practice mindful breathing wherever you go.

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