You Need to Stop Wearing Tight Bras and Underwear. Here’s Why

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You Need to Stop Wearing Tight Bras and Underwear. Here’s Why

Ladies, do you feel a heaving sense of relief when you get rid of your bra at the end of the day? Men, do you feel the same when you go commando?

Yes, women need bras while lifting heavy weights or doing strenuous exercises. Men need underwear to support the testicles. But understand that your lymphatic system is your body’s garbage disposal system. It needs the space to freely circulate across the body and collect all the waste and toxins to carry them to your lymph nodes to drain them out of your system.

Are you wearing a tight bra and underwear all day? Photo Credits: Unsplash

You have lymph nodes that are drains that get rid of toxins in your armpits. Your lymph fluid travels inside of your breasts along your breastbone. But when you wear tight underwire bras that run tight across the entire circumference of your breasts, your bra presses against your lymph nodes and compromises the drainage system otherwise designed to protect you. The lymph can no longer flow freely.

Scientific studies show how wearing tight bras also limits the oxygen and nutrient flow and leads to the accumulation of toxins.

A build-up of these toxins is linked with an increased risk of breast cancer. Wearing the wrong kind of bra or tight underwire bras for prolonged hours in a day or sleeping in them decreases circulation to your breasts and contributes to cysts, fibroids, and breast pain.

If you argue that underwire bras support large breasts better, please check alternative options in the market. Instead of underwires, go for cotton bras with more elasticity and breathing space for your breasts.

Want to check if your bra is the wrong choice for you? Try this test today.

Remove your bra at the end of your day. If you see indents on your skin across your back, under your breasts, or arms, know that your bra is too tight for you. You have been constricting your lymph nodes and decreasing circulation by wearing it all day.

One of the most common questions: What if my breasts start sagging without a bra?

To be or not to be braless is the question. (Representational picture of bras and underwear) Photo Credits: Pixabay

Many people assume that going braless will make their breasts sag. This is a big misconception because gravity increases your breast and muscle tone. Look at the anatomy of your body. You have been blessed with muscles to support your breasts naturally. When you wear a bra, your bra begins doing the job of that muscle by holding your breasts in place. Your breasts will sag less without a bra for an extended period. Why do we say this? Because without your bra, that muscle gets to work itself, it will get stronger.

Speak to your health practitioners. They will tell you how the sagging of breasts is unrelated to bras. It is influenced by age, weight, genetics, and skin elasticity, among other factors. So eat wholesome foods, maintain a healthy weight, focus on maintaining good posture and exercise adequately to build or maintain muscle mass.

Yes, in cases where obesity and large breasts come into play, you may need a bra to support breast movement while working out, engaging in plyometrics, or CrossFit. You can opt for a sports bra. But once your activity is complete, get rid of it and let that circulation improve.

Improve your posture

Many women frequently complain about shoulder and neck pain and blame it on their large breasts. They do not factor in their poor posture when they sit, work, stand, and so on, which can be detrimental to their shoulders and neck. Some opt for breast reduction surgery, thinking that this pain will ease. And while it does initially, a few months later they realize what they needed wasn’t a breast reduction surgery but strengthening the neck and shoulder muscles. Training these small muscles right can help you get rid of that pain if you do it the right way. Try this exercise for a healthy neck.

Why go braless and avoid tight underwear at home?

Research also points out that the elasticity and the collagen in your breasts increase when your breasts are allowed to be free. In a study, pre-menopausal and menopausal women were encouraged to reduce the frequency of wearing a bra throughout the day. These women reported less sagging, more firmness, elasticity, and collagen at the end of the study.

Let us go back to history, shall we? In many tribes, women never wore bras but lived just fine. Remember, your bras are not going to prevent sagging. On the other hand, a good lifestyle, regular detoxification, looking after your weight, and training your muscles the right way will. Push-ups are excellent to tighten your upper pectoral muscles, support your breasts, and boost your circulation.

Men and women also have lymph nodes in their groin area. Men, when you wear extra tight underwear, you decrease or cut off circulation to your testicles. When you are home, opt for breathable cotton boxers. Don’t be afraid to sweat. Because every time you do, you are detoxing your groin.

Is sleeping naked beneficial?

Can sleeping naked benefit you? Photo Credits: Pixabay

Upcoming research also points out the many benefits of sleeping without clothing. If you have the privacy, try doing this. Sleeping naked can help you fall asleep sooner, improve sleep quality, skin health, vaginal health, fertility, lower anxiety, and boost intimacy with your partner.

For others who do not have the luxury to sleep naked, whenever you can be without underwear or a bra, do so. Choose to sleep without them at night.




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