This Powerful Habit Is Helping People Lose Weight!

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This Powerful Habit Is Helping People Lose Weight!

Some of the most successful people who lose weight and manage to keep off it, have great bodies and a sound mental health, do not achieve this because of their nutritionists, doctors or yoga teachers alone.  They achieve success because they also take personal responsibility and accountability of their health, which goes along with the right amount of coaching and professional advice.

There is one powerful, inexpensive and very simple lifestyle tip that can help a person not only lose weight but also become more mindful and take control of their health and choices, without having to follow any fad diet or exercise programs.  That simple lifestyle tip is to maintain a “daily journal”.

A journal is a fantastic way to set down your thoughts and reflect upon it each day. A regular practice of journaling can increase mindfulness, accountability and responsibility all at the same time, which is key to achieve any health or life goal.

If you are a beginner at this, start with a simple practice of writing down all the foods you eat in a day for breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, dinner including the ones you may have binged on. This will give an opportunity to recap how you lived your day towards your bedtime.

Most of us mindlessly munch snacks and forget about it, but our body remembers every bite and every morsel. Hence journaling serves as a mirror that shows us exactly what’s going wrong and what’s going right. It also gives us a fair idea about how much of a certain food or activity is right for us based on the way we progress and feel as we move ahead.

Journaling is a powerful tool for your emotional health too. As soon as we wake up , its easy for us carried away with our routine. Hardly are we in tune with our emotions and triggers. Hence maintaining a journal is a nice way to stay mindful of that. Its a powerful way to capture your state of mind upon waking up or going to sleep,   how a certain food or exercise makes you feel or simply shift your focus towards little things you should be grateful for.

Journaling can be as brief or as elaborate as you want it to be. It could be jotting down thoughts at the end of your day or a more spread out one that records your daily food choices, exercise, sleep, stress levels or simply a journal on gratitude. Either way, journaling delivers the most benefits when you commit to it as a daily practice. So, start journaling every day for a week and see how you get on. It should take you nothing less than 5 min per day!

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