Best DIY Vaginal Wash Recipes

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vaginal hygiene

Best DIY Vaginal Wash Recipes

Are feminine hygiene washes safe ? Using soaps, shampoos, vaginal douching solutions, herbal balls, sprays to clean the vagina alters the pH and allows an environment for bacteria to thrive. Altering the pH leads to more UTI, yeast growth and discharge.

Vaginal Discharge in small amounts is normal. It’s after all the built-in intelligence of your vagina to flush out toxins and bacteria. Much in the same way,  our nose ejects slimy mucus which has entrapped bacteria, our eyes eject dirt from the corners and armpits sweat out toxins.

Hence a normal shower water will maintain the right bacteria and keep you clean. However, if you want to take your hygiene routine a step further, then here are some D.I.Y vaginal washes.


  1. ACV sitz bath
  • Take 2 cups organic apple cider vinegar in a tub filled with warm water. Sit in it for 15-20 minutes
  • Wash groin area with lukewarm water, pat dry
  • Can be done twice daily
  • Recommended when suffering from vaginitis (inflammation).


       2. Baking soda sitz bath

  • Take 2 tbsp baking soda in a tub of warm water, mix till baking soda dissolves.
  • Sit in it for 10-15 minutes
  • Do it regularly if suffering from yeast infection.


       3. Lemon leaves wash

  • Take 1 cup water + 3-4 lemon leaves + 1-2 drops tea tree oil
  • Boil lemon leaves in water, let it steep for 30 minutes, add tea tree oil , cool it in a glass container. Wash your private parts using this wash.
  • Stays well for a month


        4. Rose water and lavender wash

  • Take 1 cup water + 1/3 cup organic rose water + 1 tbsp rosemary oil + 6-8 drops lavender oil
  • Mix well
  • Fill it in a glass container and shake well before use. Wash your private parts using this wash.
  • Stays well for a month


        5. Calendula and virgin cold pressed coconut oil wash

  • 1 cup water + 3-4 tbsp virgin cold pressed coconut oil + 5 drops of calendula oil
  • Mix everything
  • Slightly warm it and store in a glass Wash your private parts using this wash.
  • Stays well for 3-4 months


        6. Chamomile and frankincense oil

  • 1 cup water + 1 tea bag chamomile tea bag + 3 tbsp almond oil + 4 drops frankincense oil
  • Boil chamomile tea bag in water , let it steep for 30 minutes, add almond oil and frankincense oil
  • Mix well
  • Fill it in a glass container. Wash your private parts using this wash.
  • Stays well for a month


Note : Use boiled and cooled water for vaginal washes

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