How Jayshree Said No to Fad Diets and Harnessed the Power of Lifestyle

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How Jayshree Said No to Fad Diets and Harnessed the Power of Lifestyle

We always say there is no magic pill for fat loss or weight loss. Diet plans alone do not work. We need to look at lifestyle from a holistic perspective and work on all four pillars to see the real change — balanced nutrition, adequate exercise, quality sleep, and emotional detox.

Meet Jayshree Mulchandani as she shares her incredible wellness journey. Her story bears testimony to the impact lifestyle changes can have in improving your overall health and wellbeing.

Before and After

The Power of Lifestyle

“After following countless fad diets, I ended up messing my hormones up (PCOD). My increased cravings for junk and sugar, terrible mood swings, and entry into the pre-diabetic range made me miserable. After following Luke on social media and reading his success stories, I started following circadian rhythm fasting in February 2020. It showed positive changes. Even my mother followed suit and started following circadian fasting with me. In less than three months, her chronic acidity issues that had been persisting for the last few years vanished. She is still shocked by the results. Her sleep patterns have improved drastically and the weight loss was an additional bonus. So, I must tell you Luke’s advice on circadian fasting rocks.

These results gave me the much-needed push to enroll myself in the wellness program. But my history with fad diets (where I never stuck to one) made me a little hesitant. But big thanks to my husband who insisted that I should take up this program, I enrolled. And I am glad I did.

I was assigned Disti Vira as my nutritionist. She was very kind, helpful, always very prompt with her replies and finding different options. She appreciated every little effort I made and gave me the constant confidence that I was on the right path. How I love her for always reading between the lines. Thanks to this, she noticed my love for mangoes and proactively asked me to have them (in limited portions). It was surprising because you least expect to have mangoes when on a wellness program like this. So, I considered it as a treat for myself. I loved the way my food was planned. It took care of my needs and made me feel happy and satisfied. Disti also managed to include healthier versions of chaat in my diet as well.

The plan was never about depriving myself but more about balancing my food with fun. Thanks to this, I have reached a stage for the very first time where I don’t crave unhealthy stuff. I feel better and positive each passing day. With the right kind of support and knowledge (which I received from Luke’s team), hard work, self-discipline, determination, and a positive attitude, I believe anyone can make this transformation happen. Once you have reached your health goals, your sense of achievement overrides all the pain and tough times.

Thank you, Luke and team, for making me believe in a holistic way of living. You taught me to listen to my body and respect it. I am becoming a better person not only physically but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as well. It is rightly called the Wellness Program. God bless you all.”

– Jayshree Mulchandani.

We are proud of you, Jayshree. We hope your story inspires many more people to get behind the wheel and steer their health in the right direction.

Jayshree’s story also has some learnings for many young people who fall prey to fad diets. These diets may help you lose the first 3 kgs but you will put that weight back on or just plateau. It is called the yoyo effect. You must also understand that following these extreme or fad diets deprives your body of macro and micronutrients, wreaks havoc on your hormonal balance, and cripples your metabolism. Before following any such diets, it is important to understand the root cause of your condition and follow the advice of an expert. So, make an informed choice.

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