8 Unmissable Health Benefits of Cloves or Laung and How to Use It

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8 Unmissable Health Benefits of Cloves or Laung and How to Use It

8 Unmissable Health Benefits of Cloves or Laung and How to Use It

A dried flower that is also a wonder spice, did you know that clove, also known as laung or lavang, can be powerful for cancer, immunity, gut issues, candida overgrowth, bacterial infections, oral, skin, hair, bone health, and more?

Clove has been used in different forms of medicine and nutrition for years. The dried flowers of the clove tree find their origin in Indonesia. Over the years, the fragrance and fair healing properties of cloves have made them a popular culinary spice across the globe.

Need more reasons to stock up on your spice rack and crown the clove? Here are a few of them.

The benefits of cloves and clove oil have been medically and scientifically documented for years.

8 Unmissable Health Benefits of Cloves or Laung and How to Use It
Dried natural cloves. Photo Credit: Freepik/azerbaijan_stockers

Cloves for cancer

Scientific papers show the anticancer and anti-tumor properties of cloves. It contains eugenol which has been shown in labs to reduce the size of the tumor and prevent the spread of cancer cells by inducing cell apoptosis (where an infected cell self-destructs).

In most cancer patients, cell apoptosis does not work anymore because the entire immune system is out of whack.

When this happens, the body’s intelligence is compromised and cancer spreads. Does this mean that consuming cloves will take your cancer away or put it in remission? No. But can exploring the use of clove in your diet help its management and prevention? Yes. Make the best use of its anti-carcinogenic compounds.

Cloves as a powerhouse of antioxidants

Many of you may wonder – are antioxidants overhyped? But the reality of the times that we live in is this. The more free radicals in our body we have, the more inflammation there will be. While inflammation is a crucial immune system response, when it is chronic and uncontrolled, it can make you vulnerable to a host of inflammatory diseases and lifestyle conditions like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cardiovascular issues, autoimmune disorders, and so on.

Having foods rich in antioxidants can help us reduce inflammation and keep it under control. The more free radicals you have, the more antioxidants you need. Add cloves to your meals.

Being rich in antioxidants, also makes cloves the superstar of anti-aging. It also helps reduce the formation and occurrence of ulcers.

Did you know Lawang also works as a super stress-smoother that can make you feel relaxed and peaceful?

Cloves as an antibacterial

Clove is also highly antibacterial that can help break down and kill bad bacteria in your system. 1 out of 3 people have gut issues because our gut microbiome is imbalanced. When the number of bad gut microbes overpowers good ones, it paves the way for bloating, acidity, indigestion, flatulence, and other issues, by upsetting your entire microbiome.

You may notice that when you are down with a stomach bug, infection, or gut issue, you may be prescribed antibiotics to kill the bad bacteria. But what most people do not realize is that in the process of doing this, these powerful broad-spectrum antibiotics can also wipe out good gut bacteria which your body needs. This is why it is essential to pair a probiotic or a B-complex when taking antibiotics.

Cloves as antiseptic

Did you know that many toothpastes have eugenol as an extract? You get eugenol from cloves, nutmeg, and bay leaves too. Cloves have antiseptic and antibacterial properties. If your toothpaste has clove or its extracts, you know it’s a good choice. It is highly antiseptic and antibacterial, two qualities that a good toothpaste must contain.

Many people in villages chew cloves after meals. This is a great habit after a meal. You can try this too. Take one or two pieces of clove and just keep it between your teeth. It can be bitter too but you will get used to its taste. You can also opt to just suck on it. It freshens your breath.

Dipping into childhood memories, your grandmother or mother often suggested holding a clove between the molars to take care of niggling toothaches. They were right. You can use a clove as a pain reliever, by sucking on it, not chewing.

The juice takes care of the bacteria inside the mouth that creates bad breath, possibly indigestion, and even goes beyond oral health. Cloves calm the respiratory tract and keep the bacteria at bay, preventing their entry into the lungs.

Cloves to regulate blood sugar levels

Having cloves after meals can help regulate your blood sugar levels. When you chew on them after a meal, it not only helps freshen your mouth but also kills bacteria. The more you bite on it, the more extract gets out of that clove and into your system helping you with your blood sugar levels.

Clove for skin and hair

The anti-bacterial component of the clove also makes it a great anti-acne warrior. If you’re getting too many pimples and zit breakouts, try consuming laung. It is readily available in your kitchen. The antifungal properties of laung work their magic on your hair too, by boosting blood circulation in your scalp. If you’re losing hair, chew on it.

Cloves for bone health

Laung is a mineral carrier. The unique content of manganese, together with flavonoids and eugenol, makes the spice encourage better bone health. Eating laung can help you to strengthen your bones and joints, especially as you grow older. The manganese content of cloves helps in regulating your blood sugar level too.

Clove for your liver

Scientific studies point out that clove may also promote better liver function. Trials have shown that the eugenol found in cloves can help reduce signs of liver cirrhosis and fatty liver disease and boost overall liver function.

The bottom line

You see how much abundance nature has given in spices alone. Cloves are loaded with medicinal properties. When used the right way, these can benefit your health.

How can you use cloves? Here’s your laung guide:

  • Ensure to source ethically grown good quality clove. Shop here.
  • Did you know in the olden days, in the absence of refrigerators, people would put cloves in dishes to preserve them? Adding cloves to fresh food can help improve its shelf life.
  • Grind it into a powder. Add this to your food preparations like rice, pulao, sabzis, curries, and so on. Season dishes, sweet and savory, with this powdered spice.
  • You can also add it to your beverages. When you are brewing your tea, add a couple of cloves. My favorite way to grind dried clove into a powder and add a dash of it to my green tea, regular chai, or even coffee.
  • You can also chew on one or two cloves after your meals.
  • Use cloves with basil in a homemade mouth rinse to keep your teeth and gums healthy
  • Keep whole cloves handy with you to curb errant coughs.
  • You can also buy and use clove essential oil or extracts but be very careful. Use it under supervision. If you overdo clove oil or extract, it can be extremely toxic for your liver. If you have an existing condition, consult your doctor before using it.

There are different ways to add cloves to your meals. What is crucial is we recognize the power of this spice and use them the right way.

All the bioactive compounds, polyphenols, and minerals in different spices go toward building our cell health and immune system and enhancing the intelligence of our body. This can do all the magic for our overall health and wellness.

How do you add cloves to your meals or lifestyle? Share your ideas in the comments so everyone reading this can benefit from it.

Disclaimer: None of what is mentioned in this blog is replacement for any medical advice, medicine, or treatment. Always keep your medical expert in the loop before trying anything new especially if you are on any medication or treatment. 

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