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Sweating It Out The Surprising Health Benefits of Perspiration You Need To Know

Sweating It Out: The Surprising Health Benefits Of Perspiration That Will Wow You

When was the last time you found yourself sweating? Most people equate sweating with feeling icky, sticky, and unclean, right? It seems uncomfortable. Sweat patches embarrass us. From spraying our armpits with 100 varieties of deodorants and sprays to purchasing dry-fit clothes, we will do anything to avoid running the risk of sweating. But...


Our Hormone Expert’s Guide to Cosmetic Shopping

Are your cosmetics safe? Image credits: Unsplash In our years of experience with clients who come to us with hormonal imbalances, many of them don't have any specific major medical or lifestyle concerns. However, we have been able to find a commonality in excessive usage of chemicals in personal care products in these patients. These...