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The Navel Hack Why Should You Massage Castor Oil on Your Belly Button

The Navel Hack: Why Should You Massage Castor Oil on Your Belly Button?

Castor oil. Our grandmothers love it, and our great-grandmothers vouched for it. Many of us dreaded the days our mothers and grandmothers would pinch our noses and push a spoonful of this thick oil into our mouths. Remember, how we would scrunch our faces up due to the bland-at-first but weird after-taste? Sometimes, grandmothers...

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Need Better Skin, Hair And Gut Health? Include THIS Miracle Oil In Your Daily Routine

Did you know that a wholesome oil, with a range of therapeutic and medicinal properties, is easily found at every corner pharmacy? One that has its roots embedded deep into Indian culture for its many benefits, used by our parents and grandparents to treat a variety of problems. One that you’ve heard of before,...

Premature Graying, Hair Fall, Dandruff, and Lackluster Hair? Try 3 DIY Magical Herbal Oils Today

Are you aging faster than you should? Shedding more hair than usual? Struggling with an itchy scalp, dandruff, split ends, dry, frizzy, or lackluster hair? Your hair is signaling you to give it more love and care. Hair care doesn’t necessarily have to come in expensive shampoos, conditions, treatments, and spas. You can also...


5 Natural Home Remedies to Ease Constipation

As gross as it may sound, pay attention to the frequency, color, and consistency of your poop. It reflects your current health. While an average individual poops three to four times a week, those with a regular pattern pass bowels the same number of times a day and at fixed times. Are you pooping...


Our Hormone Expert’s Guide to Cosmetic Shopping

Are your cosmetics safe? Image credits: Unsplash In our years of experience with clients who come to us with hormonal imbalances, many of them don't have any specific major medical or lifestyle concerns. However, we have been able to find a commonality in excessive usage of chemicals in personal care products in these patients. These...


7 Benefits And Uses Of Castor Oil

Castor oil is a remedy that our parents, grandparents and ancestors used for the longest time and it has innumerable health benefits that can help you with so many different things. What's more exciting today is the fact that there is so much research showing the usage of castor oil and cancer. (more…)