How to Transition Smoothly Into Different Seasons During Pregnancy?

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How to Transition Smoothly Into Different Seasons During Pregnancy?

We couldn’t agree more when the to-be mothers in our You Care Pregnancy Care program asked us to share recommendations to create an easy yet powerful guide for them to sail through seasonal changes. Today, the seasons are not only changing as per the natural phenomena of Mother Earth but are observing the patterns change as years pass by. With every seasonal transition, our physical and emotional needs naturally change too. Moreover, during pregnancy, these changes are associated with hormonal changes in each trimester, and hence, to-be mothers need to adapt to these changes and be in harmony with nature’s flow.

Pregnancy winter care guide

How to Transition Smoothly Into Different Seasons During Pregnancy?
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  • Wear comfortable winter wear to keep yourself warm. Especially cover your feet with woollen socks to avoid swelling. When stepping out, cover yourself in layers so that you can adjust depending on how you feel. If you are feeling cold, you can cover yourself with a shawl or a jacket.
  • Take care of hydration. As the winter air is dry, the body needs extra water to maintain enough hydration. Water helps in maintaining body temperature and avoids constipation. Sweetened beverages or excess of tea or coffee do not count as water, as they lead to dehydration. Instead, practice the art of drinking water correctly.
  • Stay active by walking around in the house, doing simple indoor exercises like stretching yourself, or practicing yoga with the help of a professional trainer. Movement improves blood circulation, boosts your “feel-good hormones”, and uplifts your mood.
  • Pregnant women are more prone to catching infections, especially in the winter season. Boost your immunity with seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat healthy meals to get a variety of foods that provide complete nourishment and energy. Prepare yourself some hot soups like Luke’s Immunity boosting soup or ginger and cardamom tea. If you catch a cold, steam inhalation works wonders along with good rest for recovery. Most importantly, keep up with the vaccination schedule provided by your healthcare expert. If you are getting less sunlight for a prolonged period, check your Vitamin D status.
  • Moisturize your skin as the cold weather can make your skin dry and sometimes flaky. If you are in your second and third trimester, the skin will start stretching and can cause itching. Choose a good quality organic moisturiser that is safe during pregnancy.

Fun Fact- Winter Calls for a Better Sleep for the Much-needed Moms to-be

Pregnancy summer care guide

How to Transition Smoothly Into Different Seasons During Pregnancy?
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In summer, the temperatures rise and can cause discomfort to expecting moms.

  • Hydration is of utmost importance as inadequate hydration may lead to many health issues like hot flashes, constipation, excessive sweating, fatigue, and so on. Watch out for your daily salt intake too, as excess salt can make you lose water quickly and trigger more thirst.
  • Adequate water intake, natural unsweetened traditional coolants and one or two seasonal fruits a day, and veggies like melons, apples, jamun, jackfruit, gourd vegetables, cucumber, and mint leaves can help maintain the body’s temperature.
  • Along with that, ensure to wear light cotton clothes. Pregnant women are prone to fungal infections. Choose cotton undergarments and change them two times a day to maintain vaginal hygiene. Protect your skin with good quality, chemical-free sunscreen and when stepping out, don’t miss your sunglasses and an umbrella!
  • Soaring heat makes expectant mothers tired. Taking a short power nap can be relaxing. You can also learn and practice some deep breathing and cooling breathing exercises like shitali and Shitkari Pranayama. (*under expert guidance)

Health Tip – Avoid Lying Down Immediately After Your Meals to Avoid Pregnancy Heartburn and Acidity

When expecting mothers enter the third trimester, the volume of amniotic fluid increases, and the pressure from the growing uterus causes swelling in the ankles and feet. This swelling may further increase due to hot weather. Soaking legs in room temperature water or keeping them slightly elevated (above chest level by using firm pillows underneath the legs) can improve blood circulation, reduce swelling and relax the muscles.

Pregnancy Monsoon Care Guide

How to Transition Smoothly Into Different Seasons During Pregnancy?
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Monsoon season brings in a lot of joy and freshness in the environment but along with that come chances of infections and communicable diseases. Hence expecting mothers need extra care. Always maintain self-hygiene. Carry hand sanitizer when you travel and wash your extremities as soon as you get home or take a bath. Pamper yourself with safe organic pedicure products because your feet, nail beds, cuticles, and soles are more prone to bacterial and fungal infections from dirty rainwater. Sanitize your home as the monsoon season is a breeding time for mosquitoes and flies.

We can’t emphasize enough having healthy home-cooked and balanced meals. Consuming only freshly cut vegetables and fruits. It is important to avoid raw vegetables as they can be contaminated with the bacterial load and avoid street foods to keep infections at bay. Use healthy DIY veggie wash to disinfect and clean vegetables and fruits.

Hydration in monsoon, like in other seasons is a must because humidity during monsoon might cause dehydration. Keep sipping boiled and filtered water throughout the day.

SAFETY TIP: Prefer non-slippery footwear to avoid falls, especially in wet areas.

Just like different months of pregnancy bring unique and multiple changes in a woman’s body, nature too is all about changes and transitions. Each season brings its joys and challenges. We just need to be in harmony with these changes with simple precautionary measures so that the mother and the baby in the womb can stay in good health during all the precious months of pregnancy.

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(Written by Aditi Save, Senior Nutritionist & Lifestyle Expert at Luke Coutinho Holistic Healing Systems)
Reviewed by Luke Coutinho

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