Nutrition Tips To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

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Nutrition Tips To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

Nutrition is food to the body. We need food for us to move, to think positively and behave in the right way. If we want more energy it’s dependent on the kind of food that we eat and the quality of sleep that we get.

When we talk about nutrition I’m looking at a very balanced concept; carbohydrates protein fats minerals. But good quality fats, good quality carbohydrates and good quality protein. Most of the natural foods that are available anything that grows have a fine balance of all of these things. But when we start looking at low carb diets or cutting down the amount of fat that we eat that’s when we start disrupting the normal balance of the body. When we look at balanced diets and balanced nutrition everything works well. Those hundred different chemicals the metabolic process they all work together like pieces of a puzzle being put together and we end up with a great immunity, great energy levels and feeling happier and healthier in the body as well as mind

So when we talk about balanced nutrition we need to look at the sources of where we are getting this nutrition from. You do not find it in junk food. In junk food you may find a lot of unhealthy fat, very little protein negligible fibre and extremely bad carbohydrates and when you eat junk it leads to sugar cravings and it leads to more food cravings and that’s when we overeat.

The problem with weight loss today and weight gain is eating too many calories. When you look at balanced nutrition you automatically eat exactly how much your body needs and that’s the role of nutrition in our everyday life. So I encourage each of you to really look and really be involved in what you put between the lips. It makes a big difference for whatever you eat in results of body and mind.

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