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Healthiest Foods On The Planet: Luke Coutinho’s Top 5 Picks

Food possesses the power to heal. Even our ancestors relied on readily available ingredients from the kitchen to remedy colds, coughs, flu, wounds, and infection. At You Care, we believe in the ability of food to act and behave like medicine when used within the frameworks of nature and consumed the right way. In...

Navigate The Holidays Healthfully With Our FREE Christmas Cookbook!

Certain treats like cookies, plum cakes, and hot chocolate are synonymous with the holiday season. But, while these treats are packed with cheer, they are often full of sugars, refined oils, artificial colors, hydrogenated fats, and flours that spike your blood sugar, mess your gut, break out your skin. And during the holiday season,...

Kids Menu September 2021

Kids Menu for September 2021 – Indian + International [Free Download]

Dear Parents, As schools cautiously start to open up in some cities and kids resume their earlier routines, albeit, with new rules, the increase in exposure to a multitude of bacteria, pathogens, germs, and viruses is inevitable. So far, kids were indoors and safe with minimum exposure. Now, as life starts bouncing back to normal, it...

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Kid – Friendly Junk Food Alternatives

We need to start having a very holistic approach towards the health of our children. Now, it’s not just middle-aged people or elderly people who come to us, it’s children with juvenile diabetes, heart problems, obesity issues, young girls with PCOS, children with attention deficit disorders too. Yes, there are certain health conditions children...

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Nutrition Tips To Lose Weight The Healthy Way

Nutrition is food to the body. We need food for us to move, to think positively and behave in the right way. If we want more energy it's dependent on the kind of food that we eat and the quality of sleep that we get. (more…)