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Why Less Food And More Exercise Causes Weight Gain


There are too many people still trying to follow the wrong diet and wrong concept of losing weight. We’ve had loads and loads of diets over the last few years and so many people have tried so many different diets. Most of the clients I get have experimented with 10 or 15 diets in their lifetime including to eat less and exercise more diet and that’s the one which brings them all back at some point saying that my diet didn’t work. Your body does not care about your size zero ambition that you have or your six-pack ambition that you have. Your body does not care about you having a flat stomach or about how much weight you have to lose according to the goal that you hold in your head. Your body cares about one thing which is survival. Your body needs nutrients and energy from the food that you eat for survival and if any of this is compromised even a little bit your body needs it goes into famine mode which is stress mode and there is no way you lose weight.

You can force your body to lose weight initially with intensive workout, strict dieting, restricted calories and you will lose two three maybe four or five kilos and then you put it all back on again and you look older, you lost hair, your skin changes, you start looking weak, and you start aging rapidly that’s because you cannot lose weight by eating fewer calories.

We need to move our focus from calories to the right nutrition. Every time you restrict yourself from calories, you are depriving your body of certain nutrients, vitamins and minerals that it needs to further break down carbohydrates fats and protein. Fat burn requires a lot of energy to burn. Your body requires energy for your liver function, kidney function, heart, blood flow, hormonal balance, brain function, digestion, digestive system elimination. So right now restrictive diets don’t work.

Most people feel that they have lost weight by reducing their calories intake but actually right now most people eat more food than their bodies require because we eat too fast and we eat mindlessly with distractions of TV’s and iPads, during meetings. So we never really focused on how much our body really needs and we eat more than we require. So sometimes when people reduce calories or eat a little bit less they start losing weight but it’s not because they’ve gone below the calorie restriction it’s because they were overeating. So even today if you’re overeating and you just start eating how much your body requires you will lose weight. You don’t have to under eat to lose weight because under eating is bad for your metabolic system.

When you exercise more you need to replenish your body with the energy it requires through food. You cannot exercise more and eat less and starve your billions of cells which in turn impact your metabolic rate. Which is why you can force a little bit of weight off your body by punishing yourself with exercise and eating less or going on a restricted diet but eventually your body will kick back and put on more and more weight. It’s that ugly fat that you see in your abdominal area, your love handles, on the back of your thighs and in the form of cellulite, under your arms. That is your body telling you that you have a very poor metabolic function. So you cannot force your body to lose weight.

In order to put on weight you eat more and you exercise less. Now to lose weight you eat more and you exercise more. So you eat more calories and exercise more is basically the athlete mode of training. Athletes eat more and exercise more they also rest more. So if you want the body of an athlete and if you want to lose weight the right way, you eat more and you exercise more and on the days where you cannot exercise you eat less when you exercise less. If you can master these two models you lose weight not by struggling but by building a strong metabolic rate.

There are a lot of people who may not be able to work out Monday to Friday and i have a lot of those clients and they follow the categories of doctors and very busy people. They cannot exercise Monday to Friday because they’re in a flight every day of the week, so they eat less on those days and on the weekend they have two intensive workout for one hour each Saturday and Sunday but they also increase their calorie they take on those two days so that they’re able to build lean mass, muscle mass which in turn helps them maintain a high metabolic rate.

You need to be mindful about the way you start your day and break away from this mind-set and this routine that if you eat less and exercise more you are going to lose weight. Good nutrition and good dieting is about enhancing your diet not about removing. The idea is what more can add to my diet so that I can support my billions of cells and my metabolic rate to help me burn weight

We have no control over our cravings when it comes to junk because all food designers make sure that they don’t build a satiety factor in their food, which means they strip your food of fibre so that the product doesn’t help you feel full. So if you go on eating more you get addicted to it and then you buy more of those products.

When you open a packet of chips you can’t stop at one and you finish the packet of chips because it doesn’t have a satiety factor built in. In fact it’s got two ingredients which is salt, sugar and trans fats which basically suppresses leptin which is a hormone which is satiety hormone. Anything that suppresses leptin and will make you eats uncontrollably and it also increases your ghrelin which is your hunger hormone. But look at natural foods. Can you over eat an apple, an avocado, nuts and seeds? No. Because it’s got fibre and everything that increases leptin. So that’s the difference between natural food and junk food.

So if you’ve been on this struggle, it should not be a struggle for you to lose weight if you’re giving your body everything it needs to balance your hormones, keep yourselves in place, keep yourself happy, nourished and energized. You will automatically start losing weight.


Luke Coutinho

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