Making 40s Fabulous Again With Lifestyle: A Success Story

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lifestyle wellness weight loss luke coutinho

Making 40s Fabulous Again With Lifestyle: A Success Story

When the topic of spending money on health and wellness arises, it is common for many people to say, “But I am a healthy individual. I do not have any active ailments. Why must I invest in my lifestyle or preventive healthcare? Wellness programs and annual checkups are just way too expensive. It is like wasting resources preparing for calamities that won’t happen!”

Most people also believe that our health and immunity decline as we age. They say menopause is difficult and putting on weight after it is normal. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s the story of one of our clients who makes life and health on the other side of the 40s look marvelous, as it should be. It will put into perspective why we always tell you – invest in your health and lifestyle. You will not be disappointed.

lifestyle wellness weight loss luke coutinho
Before and After she harnessed the power of lifestyle.

Read This Incredible Lifestyle Success Story.

“I first reached out to Luke after watching his videos as they resonated with what I was experiencing. I was okay health-wise but just never a hundred percent. I accepted that as part of getting older and approaching menopause. I eat healthily, avoid junk
food, dine out rarely, and am very active. But for the last decade, I started feeling fatigued, gained abdominal weight, low on energy,
and had recurring headaches. When I spoke about it to family, friends, even doctors, they said it was normal. But Luke’s Wellness Program was fundamental in challenging all my previous beliefs.

Not once during the program did I feel that I was just another client or a statistic. I live in rural England, where getting Indian groceries can be a challenge. Ragini, my nutritionist, painstakingly helped create my grocery shop reviewing hundreds of products and healthier options. All my cravings for starchy foods and high salt content foods that I grappled with for years disappeared like a miracle two weeks into a 3-month plan. My food plan got me on track to make healthier choices even in mundane daily items. I now feel energetic in ways I haven’t for years. I do my household chores, go to work, work out for an hour every day, and clock an average of 8,000 steps easily. I started running which I had never done in my life! The weight loss and inch loss have been rewarding to watch as I fit into my old clothes from five years ago!

I feel more in control of my day, thanks to meditation, mindfulness, and deep sleep techniques. It is amazing to wake up fresh and make it through each day without aches, feeling physically exhausted, or emotionally overwhelmed! For all those questioning if they need a Wellness Plan: If you are not fully satisfied with how you feel, do it. Why wouldn’t you want to feel at your best rather than carrying on accepting and leaving things the way they are? The lifestyle changes in this plan are not temporary quick fixes. They are knowledge and growth for life!”

Wellness plans don’t merely focus on managing just medical conditions. They require you to open your mind and body to a more holistic and preventive approach. And if this includes diagnosing your lifestyle diseases, treating them, and making sustainable changes every day, then why not? The money you are spending on YOU now will save you the financial and emotional distress that cumulative bills from an unhealthy body and mind put on you five years from now. But the choice is yours. Are you not worth the investment?

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