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The Super Benefits of Sattu: The Poor Man’s Protein

This superfood that has existed in our country for decades. A cooling agent that naturally brings down your body temperature, Sattu is also a pure protein source and rich in fiber, calcium, iron, manganese, and magnesium. It is nothing but roasted and ground Bengal gram or chana dal flour. Have you tried sattu? Photo Credits: Unsplash A...


Download our Summer Special Booklet for FREE: Quick and Easy Drinks and Cold Soups

It's summertime. Photo Credits: Unsplash Growing up, our summers held a special place in our hearts. From playing lagori in the sun to relishing cold homemade lemonades, our pockets were filled with sunshine and fond memories. But as summer continues to get hotter across the country and stealthily approaches its peak, we have a request...

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Summer Chillers Recommended This Season

With the rise in temperature day by day, ensuring that you're well-hydrated and your mind and body are taken care of becomes crucial. The human body is 60% water, and proper hydration is utterly essential for overall health. After all, the water that is consumed optimizes blood pressure, regulates body heat, lubricates the joints, moves...