Diwali Sweets And Savouries: Handpicked Recipes To Try This Season

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Diwali Sweets

Diwali Sweets And Savouries: Handpicked Recipes To Try This Season

No one wants to hear the word ‘diet’ during the festive season (not that they work, because only lifestyle changes do). At the same time, if we aren’t mindful of our choices, the festivities can add up to a lot of sweets, desserts and festive food.

So, this Diwali we are encouraging you and ourselves to make all the delicacies from scratch. From fresh ingredients and lots of love, a mithai (sweet) made at home digests differently than a mithai bought from a shop. Love has the power to change the energy of food and the way your body breaks it down. You also have the advantage of playing around with healthier ingredients like—natural sugar over refined sugar, better quality oil or fat over refined oils and trans fats, cacao over cocoa, and several others.

To help you with this, our nutritionists and recipe experts have put together a booklet of Diwali sweets and savories. In fact, some of these recipes can also be used for your upcoming tailgating events and parties and not just Diwali! 

Download here: Diwali Recipe Booklet


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