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Skin Microbiome – A World You Never Knew Existed

Did you know your skin is home to billions of microorganisms that are good for you? Picture courtesy: Unsplash We are pretty sure you must have heard about the gut microbiome, either on the internet or our YouTube videos, but do you know there is something called a skin microbiome too? The human skin, the outer...


A Skin Expert’s 5 Best Recipes To Keep A Dewy Skin Glow This Winter

Dipping temperatures and shedding leaves signify the onset of winter. The sudden drop in humidity can make our skin look and feel dry and tight. Our lips can start chapping. Nails and hair become brittle too. This is a sign that our body’s needs are evolving with the changing season. As always, nature has the...


Acne: Causes, Treatment and Tips

Every teenager’s worst nightmare is to have that little bump on his/ her otherwise clear skin. It’s such a stressing factor that they try all sorts of creams, cosmetics, face washes, gels and what not to keep the bump away but what most of them not do, is to look for the root cause...