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Cavities Bad Breath Sensitive Gums 2 Ancient Indian Practices To Step Up Your Oral Hygiene

Cavities? Bad Breath? Sensitive Gums? 2 Ancient Indian Rituals To Step Up Your Oral Hygiene

Do you wake up in the morning and brush your teeth on autopilot? Yet struggle with oral health issues like cavities, bad breath, sensitive gums, and plaque formation, among others? We are here to help you channel 2 ancient Indian practices that will help you step up your dental hygiene routine. These are also...


5 Habits That May Seem Harmless But Are Actually Bad for You

The future of our health and self reflects in our daily routine and habits. A strong reason why we always encourage you to focus on small wins every day with discipline and consistency. While most of us constantly strive to make the right choices for our health, some of these practices may seem harmless on...