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Cavities Bad Breath Sensitive Gums 2 Ancient Indian Practices To Step Up Your Oral Hygiene

Cavities? Bad Breath? Sensitive Gums? 2 Ancient Indian Rituals To Step Up Your Oral Hygiene

Do you wake up in the morning and brush your teeth on autopilot? Yet struggle with oral health issues like cavities, bad breath, sensitive gums, and plaque formation, among others? We are here to help you channel 2 ancient Indian practices that will help you step up your dental hygiene routine. These are also...

10 Ancient Indian Practices For A Healthy Life.

10 Ancient Indian Practices For A Healthy Life. Are You Practicing Them?

Why do we join our hands when we say namaste? Or sit on the floor when we eat? Why do we avoid wearing footwear in our homes? Almost every culture has different practices and rituals it has lived by and passed down through generations. When we study these closely, we realize the wisdom in them that...

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Drinking Water Out of a Copper Vessel? Here’s What You Should Be Careful of

In most Indian homes, drinking water from a copper vessel is a common household practice. Many of us grew up with our parents and grandparents diligently storing and drinking water in copper kalsi, handas, and matkas. This simple tradition has existed in our culture for civilizations and is part of many Ayurvedic texts. The...