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Carbs at Night to Mangoes for Diabetics: 3 Popular Myths About Food Debunked

Debunking popular food myths. Representational image only. Photo Credits: Freepik/ redgreystock How often have you heard myths around foods you grew up eating? "Rice at night is bad for your heart. Coconut oil is bad for your arteries. Mangoes are off-limits for diabetics,” they said. Today we decided to debunk these common food myths and educate...


Top Foods and Lifestyle Tips To Beat the Heatwave

As you read this, India is experiencing a heatwave in more than 15 states. Some of these states are recording temperatures as high as 45 degrees. And while many of us still have the luxury of working from home, others need to step out and brave this heat to earn a living. What are...


Mangoes — to Eat or Not to Eat for Diabetics & Others

Right about this time of the year, my mailbox is flooded with innumerable questions pertaining to mangoes. “Can I eat mangoes if I have diabetes?” Wouldn’t mangoes raise my sugar levels?”. “ Oh! Mangoes are too much sugar.  Am I going to put on weight if I eat mangoes?” (more…)