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Chia Seed Pudding

  Chia Seed Pudding Easy to make, perfect healthy breakfast or snack for the entire family with the goodness of protein, fiber and Omega 3. Clean serving sterlised glass 3 tbsp Chia seeds1.5 tbsp Pure unpasteurized Honey1 tsp cacao powder100 ml A2 cow milk or unsweetened Almond milk1/4th tsp Cardamom powder1/4th tsp Srilankan cinnamon powderFor Toppings1 tbsp Toasted...

seasonal mango

Why Should You Relish Seasonal Mangoes?

We’re right in the middle of the summer and it’s time to relish on those seasonal mangoes. We come across these common myths every year - “Will mangoes make me fat? “; “Will mangoes shoot my sugar levels high?”; “Will mangoes worsen my acne?”  Well, it certainly will if you’re not eating it the...

raw mango

Go the Raw Mango Way

The mango season is officially on! It is one of the most loved fruits of the tropics and we like it in all forms. Its journey from  green tangy sour raw mango to the sweet succulent yellow mangoes, is something we all love to devour. It's the right time when green mangoes are available in...


Mangoes — to Eat or Not to Eat for Diabetics & Others

Right about this time of the year, my mailbox is flooded with innumerable questions pertaining to mangoes. “Can I eat mangoes if I have diabetes?” Wouldn’t mangoes raise my sugar levels?”. “ Oh! Mangoes are too much sugar.  Am I going to put on weight if I eat mangoes?” (more…)