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Working Night Shifts? Here Are 10 Ways to Sleep Better Today

Do you work night shifts? Photo Credit: Freepik/@DCStudio Remember how most of us grew up with the age-old adage that said, “Burn the midnight oil.” We were brainwashed to believe that if you wanted to attain success, you had to spend sleepless nights hustling to get there. Human beings are the only species that sacrifice...

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Stop Making These 8 Sleep Mistakes!

“One of the most under-utilized, powerful, and natural drugs with zero side effects and a macro holistic healing effect is deep sleep. Use it well.” - Luke Coutinho Sleep is gold. You have heard me speak about how 1 in 4 people I consult with is chronically sleep-deprived umpteen times. So, instead of replaying the...


Nocturnal Penile Tumescence: Why Do Men Wake Up with an Erection?

How many times have you wondered why men wake up with an erection? Popularly known in slang as morning wood - there are many misconceptions about how these could be due to being in a state of sexual arousal. But we are here to drop some scientific truth bombs. Guess what? Getting morning wood or...