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Why Is Making Mistakes a Superpower and Not a Super Failure?

Mistakes are failures. Mistakes only mean that you are going to fail. Make ten or more mistakes, and you aren’t getting anywhere. Mistakes are going to put you at the end of the line. These are some of the biggest and most profound myths today when we speak of growth, self-development, climbing corporate ladders, getting ahead in life,...


What Is Revenge Bedtime Procrastination? Here’s How To Snap Out of It.

It is time to drop some truth bombs. We want to reflect on every question we ask you next very carefully. Are you a night owl? How many times have you forced yourself to sleep late purposefully just because you did not get time during the day to catch up on your favorite series? ...


How Life Coaching Helped This Gentleman Move From Diabetic To Non-Diabetic

One can have the most impressive and well-made diet plan, exercise regime, a list of superfoods and supplements, but does all of it matter if you miss two key elements - Discipline and Consistency? Absolutely not. Like Luke often quotes, vitamins D and C (Discipline and Consistency) are at the center of all success, whether...