4 Secret Powerful Healing Medicines Hidden Within You

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Healing medicines

4 Secret Powerful Healing Medicines Hidden Within You

Let’s begin with a story:


I remember this lady telling me years ago, she had cancer, and was recovering and healing.


Her children, with all the right intentions, would book business class tickets and say, “Come to London, let’s go to the Maldives.”


And she said to me, “Luke, I don’t want to say no. Because I know their intentions are right, but I just don’t want to travel. I just don’t want to travel.”


I asked her, “What do you want?”


She said, “I don’t want my children to spend so much money. I don’t want to travel. I get that. I just want their time. I want them to come down, sit, have a meal with me, and have tea with me. I want time, the gift of time.”


Do you think you need to face a life-altering challenge to recognize the importance of time and presence in healing?

No, right?


Often, we make assumptions about what people desire. But, in reality, they want human connection – someone to listen, understand, and care for them.


Sometimes, all it takes is kindness and a bit of time to heal someone!


Kindness can heal anyone.
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Let’s talk about four powerful healing medicines you can give your loved ones. And guess what? They are right within you!


You see, every one of us has something unique to offer, but sometimes we’re too busy comparing ourselves to others to notice our gifts. We think, “I’m not good enough,” or “I wish I had done better,” but we forget the power we hold inside.


So, what are these four incredible medicines? Let’s dive in.


Oh, and there’s a bonus medicine waiting for you at the end, so make sure to stick around till the very end.


1) Time

Time is such a healer.


Doctors can prescribe medicines, and nutritionists can plan diets, but nothing beats the healing touch of time.


Think about it – when someone you love is sick, what do they crave the most? It’s not fancy treatments or expensive gadgets; it’s simply your time.


The simplest healing gift is time.
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“Over the last 13 years, dealing with patients who are terminally ill, talking to patients on their deathbed, there is one thing every patient desired for, yearned for, craved for, the TIME of their family.”


Now, I get it – life can be crazy busy. You’ve got work, school, maybe even kids to take care of.


But even amidst the chaos, can you find a little time to spare for those who need it most? It doesn’t have to be hours on end; even a few minutes of your undivided attention can mean the world to someone who’s hurting.


So, next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure of how to help, remember this: You hold the power to heal with the simplest of gifts – your time.


And trust me, it’s a gift that’s worth more than gold.


2) Attention

Another potent medicine is attention.


It might not seem like much, but giving someone your attention when they’re sick can work wonders.


  • You see, attention is more than just noticing someone; it’s about showing them that they matter, that they’re important even when they’re unwell.

And let me tell you, that feeling of being cared for, of being valued, can be incredibly healing.


3) Listening

Ever thought about how just listening can be so powerful, especially for someone who’s sick? It’s true – people crave to be heard, to share their stories, their worries, their joys.


And you know what? Just lending an ear can make a world of difference.


So, how do you give this gift of listening? It’s simple.


  • When someone is unwell, whether they’re in a hospital bed or at home, take the time to let them speak.
  • Let them talk about anything they want, whether it’s their childhood memories or their current struggles.


And here’s the key: Just listen.


The healing power of listening.
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You see, as humans, we often rush to offer solutions, advice, or opinions. We want to fix things and make them better.


And while that’s well-intentioned, sometimes all someone needs is for you to be there, to listen without judgment or interruption.


Even if you’ve heard the same story a hundred times before, listen as if it’s the first time. That simple act of listening can be incredibly comforting and healing.


Here’s how to cultivate the power of listening!


4) Compassion

Compassion – It’s a word we hear often, but do we truly understand its depth and significance?


Compassion means suffering with others.


  • It’s about being there for someone, not to fix their problems or offer empty words of reassurance, but to simply share in their pain.
  • Sometimes, just being present, holding someone’s hand, or hugging them can speak volumes more than any words ever could.


As humans, we often shy away from suffering, both in our lives and in the lives of others. We try to find ways to avoid it, to offer solutions, or to distract ourselves from the pain.


But, here’s the most powerful thing we can do is stand by their side, even when there’s nothing left to do but to be there for them.


Now, it’s time to unveil the fifth bonus medicine!


5) Love

In the ups and downs of life, love stands out as a mighty healer. But what does love truly mean, and how can we use it to help others?


You might feel like love is missing in your life, but let’s take a closer look. Love isn’t just about romance or what we see in movies and songs. It’s more than that.


Love is a healing medicine.


Have you noticed how a parent’s love for a child is different from love between friends or partners?


  • There are different degrees of love, because there is no definition, love is an energy.
  • And that’s why you can give it to a stranger.


Oftentimes, we resort to explanations like “You got sick because you did this” or “This is your karma,” as if to justify or rationalize their suffering.


This is ego!


Instead of offering judgment or assigning blame, have a different approach – one rooted in empathy, compassion, and action.


The last word

So, as you go about your day, remember the power of these five medicines: Time, attention, listening, compassion, and love.


You don’t need a fancy title or a special qualification to offer them; all you need is a genuine desire to connect with others and make a difference in their lives.


And who knows? By giving these healing gifts freely, you may just find that your cup is filled with joy, fulfillment, and a profound sense of purpose.



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