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Healing medicines

4 Secret Powerful Healing Medicines Hidden Within You

Let’s begin with a story:   I remember this lady telling me years ago, she had cancer, and was recovering and healing.   Her children, with all the right intentions, would book business class tickets and say, “Come to London, let's go to the Maldives.”   And she said to me, “Luke, I don't want to say no. Because I...

3 Karma lessons by Sister BK Shivani

Breaking Karma Stereotypes: 3 Eye-Opening Lessons from My Podcast with Sister BK Shivani

  Karma will hit you back!   We've all heard or even said this phrase at some point in our lives, especially when faced with hurt or challenges.   But is karma a punishment, as many perceive it to be?   In my recent podcast with Sister BK Shivani, we delved deep into the concept of karma and uncovered profound insights...