7-Day Fat Burn Challenge: Just 4 Simple Changes To Start Today

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7-Day Fat Burn Challenge Just 4 Simple Changes To Start Today-2

7-Day Fat Burn Challenge: Just 4 Simple Changes To Start Today

The number of changes you can make to start fat burn are endless. As you read this, many of you may be struggling to shed stubborn fat or sustainably lose weight. You may feel frustrated and anxious. There is so much complication everywhere. Fad diet trends, expensive supplements, crazy and rigorous workout regimens.

I am not here to judge you for your choices but to offer a different perspective. Before you decide to hop onto the million options for fat burn, I want you to be honest with yourself.

Sit down, reflect, and ask:

  • Are my fundamentals in place?
  • Am I consistent with the little things that I should be doing?
  • Or am I looking for complications right away when my fundamentals are not in place?

If this is the case, then let me drop a bitter pill to swallow. If your fundamentals are out of whack, even the most complicated approaches will not work for you.

What to do to move away from this destructive pattern and move to real action?

Let’s break it down into a 7-day fat burn challenge with just 4 simple steps.

Who is this 7-Day Fat Burn Challenge for?

  • Those looking to burn fat
  • Those wanting to improve their energy levels
  • Those wanting to feel better about themselves

So, even if you are not looking to burn fat or are at your ideal body weight, you can do this to enhance your energy levels and feel great.

7-Day Fat Burn Challenge Just 4 Simple Changes To Start Today-2
Representational image. Photo Credit: Freepik

Why does feeling better about yourself matter?

Because it is a sign of good health. Many people today have great bodies. Yet, they don’t feel good about themselves, mentally and emotionally. Great health is about feeling good about yourself.

Look around you. Observe the pleasantly plump people you meet. They may carry a bit more weight, but their medical parameters are good. They feel good about themselves, irrespective. They are healthier than most people who may look fit but don’t feel good about themselves.

No matter where you are or what your struggle is — let’s break the 4 changes you can make into small wins. Do this with discipline and consistency. Be honest with yourself. If you cheat, the only person you will be cheating is yourself.

#1 Try to go to bed between 10 PM and 10.30 PM

7-Day Fat Burn Challenge Just 4 Simple Changes To Start Today
Representational image. Photo Credit: Freepik/ javi_indy

It doesn’t matter what your current sleep patterns or quality is — Make this change. For the next 7 days, try to get into bed between 10 PM and 10.30 PM. If you can do this between 9.30 PM and 10 PM, even better. The hour or two before midnight is magical for the human body. These are your most powerful recovery hours. It is how the circadian rhythm works.

Why am I talking about sleep? Because for many people struggling to lose weight, their pain points are not their exercise or nutrition. It is their hormonal imbalance. And what is one of the biggest factors leading to hormonal imbalances? Poor sleep or sleep deprivation. Yes, hormonal imbalances are multifactorial but your sleep plays a big role. Try to fix your sleep.

Practice digital detox 1 hour before bed. Switch off all gadgets. Build a solid nighttime routine. Set your intentions for the next day, journal, meditate, listen to music, read books, have conversations, take a warm bath, make love, or try Yoga Nidra. Use that hour before bedtime well.
Sleep between 10 PM and 10.30 PM for the 7 days.

#2 Cut all junk and processed foods out

7-Day Fat Burn Challenge Just 4 Simple Changes To Start Today
Representational image. Photo Credit: Freepik

Keep junk and processed foods out for just 7 days. It may be difficult, but it is not impossible. Look at your plate. Check every meal, no matter where you are eating — whether at a hotel, on a flight, or at home. Assess what you have on your plate. Your carbohydrates should take up the least amount of space on your plate. And your protein, veggies, and healthy fat should be more.

Am I asking you to weigh your food? No. Just use your eyes. When you look at your plate — you should be able to identify this visually. You will not feel hungry. Because even though you have reduced your carb intake, you have balanced it out by increasing your portion of veggies and protein. It is how it works when it comes to your nutrition.

Bless your food. Offer gratitude. Eat slowly and mindfully. You should be able to say that in the last 7 days, I have been able to decrease my carbs even if by a couple of tablespoons. I am not asking you to starve or deprive yourself. Just do this well for every meal you eat.

#3 Be consistent with exercise — no matter what kind you choose

7-Day Fat Burn Challenge Just 4 Simple Changes To Start Today
Representational image. Photo Credit: Freepik/katemangostar

When it comes to exercise, whether you dance, jog, walk, do yoga, or lift weights — for the next 7 days, whatever you do, be consistent. You may have 1 hour. For 30 minutes, you may run, jog, dance, or swim. For the next 30 minutes, try to challenge your muscles. Try squats, push-ups, lift weights, or hold an asana for longer. Choose what works for you.

Here’s a disclaimer. If you cannot do any of these due to a medical or physical condition or injuries, use Vitamin C, which stands for common sense. Avoid it. Keep your doctor in the loop before trying anything new.

Choose consistency over intensity. If you cannot do 1 hour, do 30 minutes. Break it up into 15 minutes in the morning and evening. For the next 7 days, be consistent with exercise.

#4 10 minutes of silence

7-Day Fat Burn Challenge Just 4 Simple Changes To Start Today
Representational image. Photo Credit: Freepik

Whether you meditate, pranayama, or practice deep breathing, it’s a choice I leave up to you. Look after your emotional health. One of the most impactful emotional wellness tools is silence. 10 minutes of silence, either when you wake up or before you hit the hay. In those 10 minutes, thoughts may come and go. It doesn’t matter. Just maintain that silence. Don’t like silence? Meditate. Don’t like meditation? Try deep breathing. Do it well.

    The bottom line

    Did you see how beautifully these 4 simple lifestyle changes covered the 4 pillars of your lifestyle? Nutrition, exercise, sleep, and emotional wellness. These don’t cost you money. All they cost you is a little bit of effort.

    Why am I asking you to do this? Because when you do this, you will realize how amazing the human body is. The changes that start to happen when you choose simplicity will wow you. When you experience this, you automatically stop chasing fads and trends that bring you disappointment and frustration. Ensuring these 4 fundamentals fall into place can be a game-changer in your wellness journey.

    Are you in for this 7-day fat-burn challenge? Drop a YES in the comments. Write to me at the end of 7 days on how these little changes have made a difference in your life.

    I can guarantee you one thing. You can go on chasing complications like the whole world is doing right now. But what do you see every day around you? We are sicker than ever. We have excessive fat, more lifestyle diseases, and more depression. Sometimes, we must step away from complication and look at simplicity. Ask ourselves: which fundamentals are we missing? And move to action to fix these.

    If you fail on Day 1, it is alright. Try to get Day 2 right. Do this diligently for the next 7 days. Discipline is not about rigidity. It is about trying again, again and again, every time you fall off track. Perhaps, you will get 2 out of 3 meals or 1 out of 2 meals correct. Don’t give up. Put the intention to get the next meal right. That is discipline and consistency. It is what will work with the fundamentals to make you feel better at every level.

    Remember this. Everyone will have an excuse. And everyone will also have a choice. What are you choosing today?

    Give your excuses a break and move to action. All the best. You got this.

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