You Are Uniquely Unique!

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You Are Uniquely Unique!

You Are Uniquely Unique!

  Knowing that you are unique is the first step to start living life consciously. Photo Credits: Pixabay

You understand this, and you will understand LIFE, the changes you need to make for better health, relationships, personal growth, abundance, making choices, and feeling good about yourself and life.

Do you know what biometrics is?

Did you know that there’s not even a single person on this planet, not even identical twins who have the same pattern of fingerprints?

We are all unique and bio-individuals.

What does this mean?

Can you begin to fathom and imagine the intelligence of the universe and nature? They are billions of unique creations of humans.

How? Why? Doesn’t matter.

But what it teaches us and maybe makes us realize the reason behind things going wrong with humans, matters.

Sugar, carbs, vegetarian, meat, and fish suit and work for some but can become the biggest enemies of others.

Every human being has a different view, feeling, expression of what love is to them, and how they express it to others.

Some like opposite sexes and some the same.

Some 4th stage patients die, while many live for years in remission.

Some bodies thrive on carbs, while some don’t.

Some are fat and protein-efficient, and some aren’t.

Different things make people happy.

Some love money, and some see it as a curse.

Some are happy with less, while some want more.

Some like simplicity, and some like complication.

Coffee and tea may be good for many, but not so good for others.

Some have a peg or two in their 90’s and are happy and healthy, while some start having issues with the liver or addiction problems with alcohol.

Some express love, and still, you don’t feel it, whereas some don’t express yet you feel it.

Some kids like fruits, and some don’t.

Some people like breakfast, others don’t.

Some like it and being vegan, and some don’t.

Some like intimacy, some don’t.

Some have certain ways of lovemaking and expressing love, while others do it entirely differently.

Some relationships thrive, and some don’t.

Some people heal faster, and some don’t.

Some manage well with fasting, and some don’t.

Some kids can manage video games, and for others, video games manage them.

The reason our health, relationships, and personal growth are at their worst at this point is because…

Society, media, social media, communities, medicine, fitness, and spirituality are all trying to put people, which is YOU, in a box.

It is a one-shoe-fits-all or cookie-cutter approach to control, confuse, sell, make huge profits the wrong way, play with human emotions, and induce fear by making you feel inadequate, like you have less or that you will die.

It’s a pity when a partner gets into a relationship thinking that they can change the other partner. Failure starts right then. How is it even possible to change someone’s uniqueness? You can communicate, allow for understanding, or just not get into it if it doesn’t suit you. But the want to change or control is impossible and the start of your misery.

Wake up and start connecting within. When you find yourself comparing your body, life, home, car, jewelry, handbags, watches, kids, schools with others, pause and ask yourself – What is really important to you at an inner-self level and not a shallow society level? Are you living for YOU or for others? Will all the comparing and copying boost your self-worth and happiness? If yes, go ahead and do it. If no, then don’t.

Most people are living a lie, and that’s the bitter truth. We find that out when we start to live for ourselves and respect our individuality. Most humans connect on conformity. Don’t get stuck in it or let it make you live a life that isn’t the one you want to live.

Want to miss that party? Miss it because you don’t want to be there. Want to say something? Say it most respectfully. Want to tell someone you love them? Say it with intent and not with a fear of rejection and disappointment. Want to ask people to respect you? Tell them with assertiveness and politeness. Then, walk out or be ready to be walked upon like a doormat. The reason for most conflicts is because of our uniqueness. Everyone wants people to say that they want to hear, be who they want them to be, and behave how they want them to. But how is that even possible when you understand biometrics and uniqueness?

You are as unique as your fingerprint is. Photo Credits: Pixabay

When you know that you are intelligently and uniquely unique, how can comparison, copying others, putting yourself in extreme boxes, fads, or regimes ever work for YOU?

The biggest fear of the lobbies will be when humans start to look and connect within and understand that solutions come from within. When they stop you from comparing yourself with others, they stop selling the comforting lie.

Learn, absorb, study, get mentored, but relate all you learn with what your mind, body, heart, and soul really need, and then give it all to you. Not because the world, your friends, or your social circle is doing it. But because it’s meant for you and you are a unique bio-individual with unique means. Not mediocre needs but unique and powerful needs.

Start living consciously.

– Luke Coutinho


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