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You Are Uniquely Unique!

You Are Uniquely Unique!

  Knowing that you are unique is the first step to start living life consciously. Photo Credits: Pixabay You understand this, and you will understand LIFE, the changes you need to make for better health, relationships, personal growth, abundance, making choices, and feeling good about yourself and life. Do you know what biometrics is? Did you...

fitness driven by your genes

Can Fitness Be Genetic?

Let your genes be the guide to your fitness by a Lifetime Genetic Test! "Easy ways for weight loss", "How to lose weight?", "Weight loss Diet" are some of the questions that people Google, when they see or realize that they do not fit in the 'FIT' criteria that social media has created for everyone....

bodyweight exercises

Best Bodyweight Exercises To Get Shredded

How do you want to come out of lockdown? Fitter and healthier, or fatter and sicker? A lot of us put up excuses around gyms being shut, or having no access to personal trainers. As much as that may be a discomfort for most of us, here are few body weight exercises to the...