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A Natural Painkiller, Aphrodisiac, and Sleep Inducer: 6 Reasons To Add THIS Spice to Your Meals

Known as jaiphal in Hindi, nutmeg is native to a cluster of 10 small volcanic islands known as Moluccas or Spice Islands in the Banda Sea to the northeast of Indonesia. It gets its name from the Latin word nux (meaning nut) and muscat (meaning musky). It translates to musky nut. Nutmeg is the seed...

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The Queen of Herbs: Have You Added This Magic Leaf to Your Lifestyle?

The Queen of Herbs, the Mother Medicine of Nature, the Elixir of Life - the magical tulsi plant has earned several monikers in Ayurveda. Also known as holy basil, this adaptogenic herb that originates in India may be bitter to taste, but its numerous health benefits outweigh this minor inconvenience to your palate. An integral...