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The Queen of Herbs: Have You Added This Magic Leaf to Your Lifestyle?

The Queen of Herbs, the Mother Medicine of Nature, the Elixir of Life - the magical tulsi plant has earned several monikers in Ayurveda. Also known as holy basil, this adaptogenic herb that originates in India may be bitter to taste, but its numerous health benefits outweigh this minor inconvenience to your palate. An integral...


Immunity-boosting Concoctions, Recipes, Dos, and Don’ts: Download Our FREE Monsoon Lifestyle Guide

Who doesn't love the monsoons? They bring the much-needed respite after scorching hot summers. But along with it, they also bring their share of menace. But do not worry. As always, Team You Care is here to your rescue. With every changing season, our bodies take time to adapt to the new climate, surroundings, and...